Offers Continue to Pile Up for Tyler Top-100 running back Marc Tyler of Oaks Christian high school (Westlake Village, Calif.) continues to rack up scholarship offers from around the country. The amount of offers are further evidence that he is not only the top running back in on the West Coast, but that he is also one of the top backs in the country.

As the calander turns to April and a recruiting contact period is about to begin, Marc Tyler (6-1, 215 pounds) has seen his number of scholarship offers grow to a number most recruits don't amass by December.

"Things are going pretty well I have around 24 or 25 offers, I'll probably narrow them down this summer. I need to look at a few more schools, but I don't know who I'm going to look at though. I'd like to see Michigan, Texas and South Carolina. We might take a Florida trip to take a look at those schools. I've really only been to Notre Dame, Tennessee, USC and UCLA.

"We're coming for the Blue and Gold game," Tyler said of his plans to attend Notre Dame's annual spring game April 22. "I'm going to USC's junior day next weekend.

"I went [to USC] on Sunday for a practice. It was good. I like their intensity. Obviously they lack at running back because their freshman haven't come in yet."

Tyler has all the talent in the world, but something he doesn't lack is college coaches trying to get his attention. Charlie Weis and Brian Polian are in charge of recruiting Tyler for the Irish.

"I talk to him about every week," Tyler said of his conversations with coach Weis. "He's not the type of coach that tells me to call him every week or text messages me all the time.

"Coach Weis is the type of coach that tells you straight up. He'll tell you that he likes this or that you need to work on that. He's been really straightforward with me. He's straightforward with everything.

"He's basically told me that he's looking for a big running back around 210-220 pounds. He likes what I can do out of the backfield catching the ball.

"Coach Polian seems like a guy with a lot of energy," Tyler explained. "He and coach Weis came out the first day coaches were allowed to come by school. That really meant a lot to us."

Tyler indicated that USC head coach Pete Carroll was another coach that was straightforward. Besides matching up against one of the best recruiters in the country, Notre Dame will need to overcome the fact that USC is in Tyler backyard.

"No it's not that big of a deal," Tyler said of distance factoring into his decision. "My parents don't care really care how far I go, they just want me to go to a good school and play for a coach that is going to get me to where I want to go. I obviously have a lot of family members in California that don't want me to leave, but when it comes down to it I don't think distance will be a problem."

As a junior, Tyler rushed for 2,193 yards and 39 touchdowns on 182 attempts. Top Stories