Paskorz on the Mend Top-100 prospect Steve Paskorz of Hampton high school (Allison Park, Pa.) has taken some time out of his recruiting schedule to take care of an ankle injury that has been bothered by since the 2005 season, but he'll be back on the road this weekend.

You wouldn't have known by watching film of Steve Paskorz (6-2, 215 pounds) that he was hobbled by an ankle injury last season. He was hoping that it would heal on it's own, but after it continued to hindered his workouts, he decided now was the best time to take care of the injury.

"I had to get my ankle fixed up," Paskorz replied when asked about his absence from the Pitt combine. "My junior season I had torn ligaments in my ankle. It bothered me through the whole season. After basketball season was over, I started speed training for baseball and I still felt it. I went to see somebody and they said I needed to get it fixed. I had some ligaments stitched and some scar tissue cleaned out so it wasn't anything too serious."

Although Steve will be limited for the next couple months, he expects to be cleared to get back on the field in June. One event he will consider participating in is the Notre Dame summer camp.

"Yeah I was actually talking to coach Latina last week," Paskorz responded when asked if the Irish were still recruiting him. "He said they watched my film and that coach Weis liked it and they wanted to get me to their camp in June. They'd like to see me there and go by that judgment as to whether they're going to offer or not.

"I'm pretty sure they're recruiting me at linebacker now. I asked him [coach Latina] and he said linebacker. If I go there, he said if it comes to the point where I don't like linebacker, that they also have me as a running back.

"That's fine with me," Paskorz continued. "Just whatever will get me on the field. I can play offense or defense. I like playing both ways, so whatever will get me on the field faster."

Michigan, Pitt, Virginia, West Virginia, Ole Miss, and Indiana have already offered Steve a scholarship. Although the schools differ as to where Steve will play, they already know they'd like to see him wear their uniform.

"I'm sure Ole Miss is linebacker," Paskorz said. "West Virginia is linebacker, Michigan is h-back, Pitt said they were recruiting me as both, but they're mainly looking at me for running back. I haven't heard from West Virginia, but I'll be there down there Saturday and I should get a good idea."

The West Virginia visit will likely be Steve's last campus visit before the coaches are allowed to visit recruits. At that point Paskorz should be able to narrow his schools down.

"This whole injury has been a setback and I haven't been able to go out as much," Paskorz explained. "Coach Latina said that he'd be out for a visit me in May.

"By June or July I'll probably have a top five. I'll probably decide before or early into my season."

As a junior, Paskorz rushed for 1,291 yards on 160 carries and scored 14 touchdowns, despite missing time due to an ankle injury. He has rushed for 3,478 yards in two seasons. Top Stories