Top Defensive Tackle Has A Leader

<P>One of Notre Dame's top targets at defensive tackle returned from Notre Dame camp. Apple Valley, MN prospect Trevor Laws came away impressed with Notre Dame and an offer in hand from coach Willingham. Where do that place Notre Dame in his order of top schools? </P>

Trevor Laws is 6-2 290 pounds. He had 74 tackles last year, 8 sacks and 24 tackles for loss. He just got back from attending camps at Notre Dame, Michigan and Iowa. He didn't have a lot to say but I liked what I heard.

"I really enjoyed it at all three schools. I liked all the coaches. I liked the academic situation at Notre Dame a little better. I am pretty much down to Notre Dame, Michigan and Iowa." I asked Trevor if he had a leader at this point. "Probably Notre Dame. I like them all but Notre Dame is probably leading at this point."

I asked Trevor if he was close to making a decision. "I am just not quite sure yet. I am getting closer though. I will probably decide after I take my visits. I plan to visit all three schools." Trevor said academics were the most important thing to him. He is also going to see how he fits in with the players and the talent on the team currently is also important to him.

Comments. This is just my assumption from the many years of doing this. I think Trevor is pretty close to a decision. I think if he had to choose today, it would be Notre Dame. I think it's possible he might make a decision before taking his visits. I would not be surprised if it happened before the beginning of the season. If he doesn't decide by August, I bet he waits to take his visits. Top Stories