Steve Coleman Is A Big Man

<P>Texas has been kind to Notre Dame in the past. Notre Dame will be looking for big and athletic defensive tackles this year and will be recruiting Dallas Skyline's Steve Coleman. Coleman has quite a few offers but does not have one from Notre Dame yet. </P>

Steve Coleman is 6-4 280 pounds. He had around 30 tackles last year and 5 sacks. He has offers from Boston College, UCLA, Colorado, Arizona State, Arizona, A&M, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Purdue, Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Kansas State and Texas Christain.

I asked Steve about his recruiting so far. "I have a lot of offers. There are a lot of other schools recruiting me hard as well. I am very open right now. I haven't begun to narrow anything down yet. I probably won't until later in the season."

Steve is a real laid-back guy and doesn't seem to get to over excited about all of this. "It has been fun. I enjoy it but I am not going to worry about it until later." Steve is fully qualified with a 3.2 g.p.a. and scored and 940 on his SAT.

I asked Steve what is going to be important in his decision. "I want to get a good education. My family is really stressing that. The whole atmopshere is important to me. I want to be around good people. I would also like to go to school in a college town. I am wide open and distance isn't a big deal to me."

Comments. Steve seems to be sitting back and taking all of this in. He said he plans to take all 5 visits and see what happens. ND has a shot although he didn't mention Notre Dame in the whole conversation. He just seems very wide open and not concerned about it at this point. He is a real nice kid and would fit in well at Notre Dame. Top Stories