Corner Labrose Hedgmon Interested In Irish

<P>You can never have enough corners in your program. Notre Dame has improved in a pure talent at cornerback. They will need some top corners to build depth for a position that is usually a problem for Notre Dame. Hoover, AL prospect Labrose Hedgemon would fit the mold. </P>

Labrose Hedgemon is 5-10 180 pounds and ran a 4.43 at the Nike camp. He had 32 tackles, 19 pass break-ups and 8 interceptions last year. Those stats have opened the eyes of many college coaches who have been showing a lot of interest in Labrose.

"Right now, I have offers from Vanderbilt, LSU, North Carolina, Oregon State, Notre Dame, Indiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky and Southern Miss. My coach told me that Florida State and Georgia Tech are close to offering. Clemson is also recruiting me hard."

LaBrose and I talked about all of his offers but he had this to say about Notre Dame. "It's a good program. I think Notre Dame hired a good coach in Tyrone Willingham. I haven't talked to him yet. I am going to watch them this year and see how they do." Labrose did talk about the other schools as well and it appear that LSU and North Carolina are two he has a lot of interest in.

Hedgemon did say he was likely going to leave the state. "I am originally from Georgia. I was interested in Alabama but with the NCAA sanctions, I don't think I am interested any more. Auburn calls and writes me but I am not sure about them." Labrose is qualified with a 2.6 core and an 18 on his ACT.

I asked Labrose what was important to him in choosing a school. He had this to say. "Academics are #1. That is very important to me. The football program and how they are doing and if they are headed in the right direction. I kind of like a big school with a variety of people." Labrose said distance isn't a factor at all and that his family really likes to travel.

My last questions were about Hedgemon as a football player. "I am physical player but I have quickness and speed. I like to be on an island by myself going against the best receiver they have. I am very confident and a corner needs to be confident."

Comments. Labrose said if he had to choose a top 4, it would be LSU, North Carolina, Florida State and Clemson. He said he is wide open and didn't have enough information to know who his top schools were. He has a great personality and will fit in well. Hopefully he will look at Notre Dame harder. I think Notre Dame will need to make up some ground on LSU and North Carolina. If FSU offers, they will be in it. He is the perfect kid to go after. No ties to the in-state schools and wants to leave the state. Top Stories