Paulus Takes a Swing Through the Midwest Top-100 quarterback prospect Mike Paulus of Christian Brothers Academy (Syracuse N.Y.) has a mounting pile of scholarship offers. He'd like to narrow his options down at some point, and the only way to do that is to get out and take some unofficial visits. Mike and his father hit the road this past weekend to visit four midwestern schools.

Mike Paulus (6-5, 208-pounds) was a tired young man on Monday when he got home. He had covered a lot of miles and visited four college campus' in three days. His dad Dave was just as weary after visiting Wisconsin, Northwestern, Notre Dame and Michigan, but he felt the trip was a valuable experience.

The first of two stops Friday took place in Madison, Wisconsin.

"I think they have a very interesting situation," Dave Paulus said of the Wisconsin program. "They obviously have a great tradition. I think they're in the process of making a transition from a running game to a little bit more of passing game. They have a new offensive coordinator up there and a head coach that are focused on upgrading their passing game. I think they have an exciting situation up there."

After meeting the new Badger staff the Paulus' made their way down to Northwestern to meet with Wildcat head coach Randy Walker.

"Very impressed with what he's done with that program," Mr. Paulus explained. "I think he's gotten them to the point where they're competing on a consistent basis. I think at Northwestern, they haven't had a major quarterback recruit. They're had some very good quarterbacks but they've never landed that blue-chip quarterback. If they could get a top-flight quarterback, it could be a tremendous situation at that program.

"It's a great academic program. It's a great environment. It's a terrific location," he added.

The third leg of the Paulus' trip took them east to Notre Dame.

"Saturday we traveled to South Bend. We had a very nice visit. We spent the day there. We had an opportunity to meet with the coaches and watch practice and to get around campus. Overall I thought it was a very nice visit. I think this was a chance to say hello to the coaches. I think it was a chance to get on campus. Mike got a chance to really walk the campus. So it was a nice opportunity to just walk around and get familiar with what the school was all about.

"[Mike] liked it. He thought it was very nice. They upgraded their facilities. It's a big difference from where they were. I think that was a real positive in terms of where they were before. I think they did a nice job with that."

After visiting South Bend the Paulus' headed north to Ann Arbor for their final visit of the weekend.

"We traveled to Michigan on Sunday and met with the coaches there," Dave explained. "I thought that was a really nice visit. I thought every one of the visits went very well. I think all these schools that we've mentioned have good situations. Whenever you're a quarterback you have to come in and compete. There are very few programs that have nobody in the system. At those schools everybody is good. I think it's coming down to where you feel comfortable and where you have opportunities. I think for a good player, there's an opportunity everywhere. I think you're going to have to come in and compete wherever you go to school. You have to believe and make it happen. The following year these programs are going to recruit another guy and guys are going to get hurt. So many things are going happen.

"I think one of things that Mike's trying to do is get over to a lot of schools and then over the next couple months, find which ones warrant more serious consideration. He has some more unofficial visits planned."

The visits Mike and his dad have planned will take them from coast to coast and then back again.

"We're actually going to meet with Pete Carroll and that group the third week in April. We're actually going to be going up there April 21," Mr. Paulus said their plans to visit USC. "He's going to be going over to North Carolina. I know he's going to be going over to their spring game this weekend.

"Mike will take a few more visits. I know he's going to try to make it down to Alabama. They have a great situation down there as well. I know he has a few more visits he has planned. I think what he'd like to do is finish up his official visits some time in May. And then kind of narrow it down to a manageable number of schools. Then make another visit and then see what falls in line."

As a junior Paulus completed 131 of 234 passes for 2,084 yards and 23 touchdowns and nine interceptions. Top Stories