Toryan Smith Visiting Notre Dame

Rome high school (Ga.) linebacker Toryan Smith will soon be Notre Dame linebacker Toryan Smith. He and his recruiting classmates still have a couple months to enjoy their family and friends at home, but like most of his classmates, they're itching to get up to South Bend and start working.

With the graduation of two linebackers from last year's squad, there is opportunity for Toryan Smith (6-1, 235-pounds) to come in and earn some playing time as a freshman.

"They told me that last fall, so I guess so," Toryan replied when asked if he expected to be able to earn some playing time as a freshman. "Everything is good. I've just been working out getting ready to go. I can't wait. I've been working out, training…getting ready to go. I'm doing everything. I'm conditioning, working on my speed, my quickness. I'm excited.

"I'm going this weekend to watch a spring practice and then we're coming back for the spring game.

"I talk to Morrice [Richardson] every now and then that's the only guy I know," Toryan said when asked if he stayed in contact with his classmates. "I hope to meet some more people when I go up for the spring game."

One of the people Smith is familiar with is Notre Dame secondary coach Bill Lewis. Lewis recruited him and according to Toryan coach Lewis is doing another good job recruiting for the Irish.

"I talk to coach Lewis every now and then. He's pulling them in," Smith said of Lewis. "There are some players down here. I'm working on some more folks right now too. We're trying to get some more guys up there.

"I told Roddy Jones even before I committed that I was going to go [to Notre Dame], and that I was going to tell coach Lewis about him. He's a Notre Dame kind of player."

Smith knows what type of player Jones is as Rome met Chamblee in the play-offs last season.

"I had to bust him up a little bit," Smith joked. "He's a good running back. He's a real nice back. He's good and he runs hard. He only had about 60 yards against us, but he earned them.

"I talk to a few other guys. I'm trying to get Caleb King to talk to them." Top Stories