Gordon is Getting Anxious

Leonard Gordon is a hard-hitting safety from Fort Campbell high school (Ky.) As the final days of high school wind down, Leonard is trying to stay focused and what he needs to do to be prepared for the next stage of his life – Notre Dame.

Leonard Gordon is one of those kids that you don't have to worry about. His parents have set him in the right direction and he just seems to be in autopilot at this time. While a couple of his recruiting classmates have already reported to South Bend, he's back home working and waiting.

"Things are pretty good. Things are winding down," Gordon said of his last days of high school. "I've just been conditioning with the track team. I ran my freshman year, but I didn't like the track meets on Saturday's, and that they're an all day thing. So I've just been conditioning with them and doing the same workouts that they've been doing to stay in shape. Doing the track thing is definitely going to help and it has. I've felt myself getting in better shape every day."

It will be two months until Gordon will head to Notre Dame for summer school and summer conditioning. When he does get there, he will have a couple faces that he is familiar with.

"I talk to James [Aldridge] about every week, so I talk to him quite a bit. I talk to Jashaad [Gaines] every now and then," Gordon responded when asked if he spoke with any of his classmates. "I called James the first week he got up there. He was hurting with all the early morning workouts. That was when he was first getting adjusted to it. Then I talked to him a month afterwards and about a month into it, he'd gotten use to it. He isn't having too hard of a time now. He always stresses to me that you never take a rep off. It always makes you better. He told me to run as much as I could."

From the news that leaks out from the football team the workout that is the most grueling is the 110-yard sprint workout.

"I was already mailed the workout and looking at the 110s, I was scared right there just looking at the workout," Gordon explained. "So I've been getting up three days a week and running those with my dad. I'm running as much as I can, cause James scared me when he told me about them.

"I've been out there and the most I've done is 10. The most I had in my book was 14, so I thought the most they were doing was 14. When I told James he started laughing at me because the other morning they had done 24 110s. I was like ‘oh, man'"

From the sounds of what the players are experiencing, most people wouldn't be eager to walk into such circumstances. Leonard on the other hand is chomping at the bit.

"I'll be up [this] Friday and Saturday for some practices and then I'll be up with my coaches for the spring game," Leonard explained. "I'm kind of anxious. I want to see an actual practice so I think this weekend will be a good opportunity to see a real practice. Talking to the coaches.

"Coach Lewis said he had hoped that I could have been up there earlier. He's sent me film on the coverages and everything. I've been taking notes of the film, so I just want to see it in person. It'll be an opportunity to hang out with James and all the other recruits and all the players that I'll be playing with next year."

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