Olsen Ready to Battle

Notre Dame offensive lineman Eric Olsen of Poly Prep High School in Brooklyn, N.Y. is starting to focus his attention on Notre Dame and the day he reports to South Bend. That being said, he still has time to enjoy his last day in New York.

One thing keeping Eric Olsen (6-5, 305-pounds) busy is lacrosse. You certainly don't expect a guy Olsen's size to play lacrosse, but he does more than hold his own.

"I started my freshman year and played defense," Olsen replied when asked about his lacrosse career. "Then my sophomore year they moved to attack. I'm pretty decent. I have my school's single-season scoring record."

"I started to do it for both [conditioning and fun]. I knew it would be good to run around for my footwork. It's fun, so I like to play it for fun now. Everything's going well though. I'm just playing lacrosse and lifting."

Eric is having as much fun as he can because he will report to Notre Dame in a couple months. Once at Notre Dame he will have to complete the notoriously brutal workouts of coach Mendoza.

"I haven't been doing the 110s [sprints] the way they have been doing them, because I've been running and doing everything with my lacrosse team, Eric explained. "We do a lot of 110s, 55s and 220s.

"I haven't tried the (18) 110s though. I've got to get on that. I know John Sullivan from high school football. When I was out there, he was my host actually. He said that it's real tough."

Eric has continued to stay in touch with Sullivan. He has also stayed in touch with his future position coach.

"I've been keeping in touch with coach Latina," Eric said. "I'm excited. I can't wait to start working with him in person. He's been sending me the plays and stuff to get a head start on understanding formations and stuff. It's mostly small talk to keep in touch and keep up the relationship.

"He's [Latina] going to play me at guard. He said he doesn't doubt that I could play every position on the line, but he thinks that the best fit for me will be at guard. I was left tackle in high school. I didn't play a lot of guard, but there were a couple games when the other team had a stud defensive tackle, and they moved me to guard. Other than that I played tackle.

"I've been looking at the depth chart," Olsen said. "I know they're thin at guard. I just can't wait to go in there and really compete. I try not to look at all the recruiting sites and see the rankings and say ‘This guy is ranked higher than me.' You never know what's going to happen once you get into camp. So I'm just excited to fight for a spot. Whatever happens, happens.

"Sam [Young] and Bartley [Webb] are tackle, Dan [Wenger] is at center and then me, Matt [Carufel] and Chris [Stewart] at guard," he added.

Olsen hasn't been to Notre Dame since his official visit, December 3. That will change as he makes his way to South Bend for the spring game.

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