Kamara Will Visit Notre Dame

Wide receiver Duval Kamara isn't getting overwhelmed with recruiting at this point despite having more offers that most. The 6-3, 190-pound Hoboken, N.J. native is taking his time with the recruiting process but could end up making an early decision before all is said and done.

When you catch 43 passes, and amass 930 yards and 12 touchdowns, college coaches take notice. That's certainly been the case for wide receiver Duval Kamara.

"I'm not sure how many offers I have right now," Kamara said humbly. "I get a lot of coaches texting me. I haven't had time to talk to all of them, but I do talk to some of them."

Kamara already has some impressive offers from teams like Penn State, Miami, Virginia, USC and Notre Dame. Kamara confirmed he's keeping in contact with Notre Dame quite frequently and plans to attend Notre Dame's spring game on April 22.

"I talk to coach Weis and coach Ianello quite a bit," Duvall said. "I really like both of them. I'm going to their spring game and I'm really looking forward to that. I want to check out the school and meet all the coaches.

"I've also talked with the coaches and USC and Penn State as well recently."

We asked Kamara what he liked about Notre Dame at this point.

"Charlie Weis," he said. "Just to be part of that offense would be great. I also like how they do it there. They celebrate, but there isn't a lot of showboating. I also really like the academics there."

When the recruiting process started for Kamara, the wide-out said he was happy to receive any offer, but now that so many have come in, he's humbled by all the consideration.

"I didn't think it would anything like this," Kamara said of the attention. "You hope you're good enough and that schools will offer you."

"I haven't ever thought about being five-star prospect or anything like that," he said when asked how he'd feel if he made some All-American teams. "I'd feel very fortunate if that happened. I'd really love to play in the Army game, but I don't know if I'm a candidate for that. I think that would be a real honor to make that team."

With all the attention Kamara has been receiving, we asked him if he ever got on-line and checked out the Web sites like Scout.com that follow recruiting.

"Yeah, I'm on there almost every day," he said with a laugh. "It's pretty fun to follow it."

Besides the Notre Dame spring game, Kamara also has plans to attend at least football camp this season.

"I know I'm going to the Maryland camp," Kamara said. "I'm going to that because my coaches are going. I don't think I'll attend any combines or anything like that."

When might Kamara make a decision?

"I think I'd like to make a decision sometime this summer maybe," he said. "Probably sometime before my season is over. I'll probably take a look at a few more schools over the summer before deciding."

Does Kamara have any favorites at this point?

"Not really," he said. "It's kind of early. I've been keeping in touch with some schools, as I said, but I don't know enough about them yet to have favorites."

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