Webb Getting Ready

Offensive lineman Bartley Webb of Springdale high school (Ark.) is looking forward to getting to Notre Dame, but he doesn't want to rush things like many of his classmates. He understands that the day he leaves will come soon enough, so he's enjoying his final days of high school.

Bartley Webb only has about two months remaining before he heads north to South Bend. He isn't on cruise control just yet, as he remains focused on what he needs to accomplish in order to be successful once he gets to Notre Dame's campus.

"Things are going pretty good," Webb replied when asked about his preparation for Notre Dame. "I've been working out hard, running a lot and trying to get myself prepared to go up there in June. I'm not ready now, but I will be ready in June.

"I'm getting a little bit bigger. I don't think I'm a whole lot bigger. On the other hand, my parents and friends have been commenting on how much bigger I've gotten. Sleeping, eating, working out and going to school, that is my life."

The activities the occupy Webb's time may not change much once he arrives in South Bend, but his life will quite a bit different. Bartley had an opportunity to visit Notre Dame a couple weeks back to get a taste of college.

"I was up there for practice. We were on spring break so I had a perfect opportunity to watch practice," Webb explained. "I was there the first day of pads. I'll be honest, there is no doubt who is in charge of that team. I learned real quick. It was amazing to me that the entire Loftus facility, as big as it is, got quiet when coach Weis spoke.

"Chris Stewart works hard. Even in the All-American game practices that's one of the things I noticed. He's a hard worker. He goes out there and works hard but has fun doing it. In my mind, he's going to go a long way – he's going to be good.

"I noticed the left tackle spot, they've only have one guy and that's Ryan Harris," Webb said. "They had [Michael] Turkovich at right tackle. I‘m thinking I'm going in to compete to start, but realistically I know I'm not going to beat out a four-year starter. I just need to make sure I get better this year and my sophomore year is the year I really need to step up. I can't wait to get there and get to competing at the same time leaving high school is on my mind too and I want to make sure I enjoy that last two months that I have."

Springdale high school was once again on the minds of college recruiters. Webb's senior class saw five players receive Division I scholarships. Next year Springdale will have another.

"We had a little bit of a recruiting deal happen," Webb explained. "A junior from last year committed to Texas. He isn't getting hounded because Arkansas never offered him. They took seven wide receivers in this past class, so they didn't really have room for him. He's one of those players, like Chris Stewart he works hard and he has fun doing it. He's going to be a great one."

Webb would like to attend Notre Dame's spring game, but he has a family commitment.

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