Matha Taking a Look Around

Offensive lineman Dan Matha of McDowell high school (Erie, Pa.) visited Notre Dame at the beginning of March for a junior day and he's been on the move ever since. The Irish remain interested in the standout tackle and will make a trip to watch him practice.

Notre Dame has a tremendous amount of interest in Dan Matha (6-7, 310-pound) and he will be one of the top linemen on the East Coast this year. Notre Dame offensive line coach John Latina is in charge of recruiting Dan and Latina is keeping his eye him.

"He's kept in touch with me," Matha said of Latina. "He said he's coming up to see me April 26. We have spring practice, so he's going to check me out practicing. He also said he'd like to see me at one of the combines.

"The only combine I was considering was the Elite 11 on May 1, but I'm not sure I'm going to be going to any. People have been talking to me and saying that it can only hurt you. I kind of want to go and compete and check out my competition, but they've [schools] seen on my game film how I play and what really matters is on the field."

West Virginia, Pitt and Maryland have seen enough of Matha's work in the trenches and they have sent him scholarship offers. Several other schools look like they could follow suit.

"Last weekend I was down at Penn State," Matha explained. "They said they're in desperate need of offensive lineman. I think almost all their offensive lineman were seniors last year. I could tell from their spring practice that they needed guys. I think they want me to come down and see them a little more.

"This upcoming weekend I planned on going to Iowa's elite junior day, but I'm going on spring break so I have to reschedule that. I know Virginia wants to get me down there pretty bad. They keep calling me.

"I don't have anything planned [after May] right now, but I'd like to see as many colleges that I'm interested in," Dan added. Top Stories