Benn Will Join the Party Top-100 wide receiver prospect Arrelious Benn of Dunbar high school (Washington, D.C.) is at the very top of Charlie Weis' priority list for the 2007 recruiting class. For Weis it's big news when one of your top prospects decides to travel across the country to make a second unofficial visit.

Arrelious Benn (6-2, 190-pounds) had already made the trip from Washington D.C. to South Bend for the January junior day. With the Notre Dame spring game on the horizon Benn has sent Notre Dame's head coach his R.S.V.P., plus one.

"I'm still going down," replied Been when asked if he had still planned to attend Notre Dame's annual spring game April 22. "Marvin [Austin] is coming down too. I didn't even have to talk him into it."

For Notre Dame, that is valuable cargo coming in from the east. Austin is one of the top defensive tackles in the country and the Irish are in dire need big men that can play on the defensive line.

It will be Austin's first time on the Irish campus so there will be a need to make a big impression on him. Benn on the other hand is making his second trip, so the question is, what do the Irish need to show him?

"Not too much," replied Benn when asked what the Irish staff needs to impress him with. "They have the offense. I guess I want to see the environment up there with the students when I go there. The last time I was there weren't any students.

"I like Notre Dame…they're different," he added.

Benn is going to graduate early, so he'd like to have a decision made prior to the start of his season. That sounds easy, but Arrelious is stacked with options.

"I have 50 offers now," said Benn. "Besides Notre Dame, USC, Illinois, South Carolina and LSU are probably my top schools."

Despite their proximity, Notre Dame and Illinois don't often go to battle over recruits. Nonetheless, the Illini intrigue Benn.

"They're building up the program and I like their style of offense," Arrelious said of Illinois. "I've been to Champaign before. I went there this summer for camp."

If Benn doesn't choose between those five schools there are a few others that still have a chance to earn his signature.

"Probably Florida and Maryland," Benn responded. "At Florida, I like their offense and Maryland is my home team."

As a junior Benn had 49 catches for over 1,100 yards and 16 touchdowns. Top Stories