Gordon Excited to Get Started

Defensive back Leonard Gordon has always been excited about his decision to attend Notre Dame, but the past few weekends have raised his elation even more. Gordon says he can't wait to report to South Bend.

Fort Campbell, Ky. native Leonard Gordon has made the trip South Bend twice in the past few weeks.

"I went to Notre Dame a few weeks ago and met Toryan (Smith) up there and we watched a practice on a Saturday," Gordon said. "I also was up there for the spring game. I had a great time. I think it was the best time I've ever had. It was great meeting the coaches again and all the players."

Gordon said meeting his future teammates was the highlight of his latest visit.

"I got a chance to meet almost all of them," he said. "There were just a few that weren't there for the game. We clicked right off the bat. I hung out with Morrice (Richardson), Toryan (Smith), Darrin (Walls), Konrad (Reuland), Rob (Paris), Dan (Wenger), pretty much all of them. There wasn't a bad personality in the bunch."

The game also was a highlight.

"That was crazy," Gordon said of the game. "You don't expect 41,000 people there. I've never signed so many autographs in my life. I also talked to a few of the junior recruits. We need to do a good job of recruiting those guys to come. I was putting a few thoughts in their mind. Nothing too much, but just letting them know how good we're going to be in the future."

The play of the defensive also impressed on the weekend.

"They played real well," Gordon said of the defense. "They kind of surprised me. We watched them two weeks ago and they were doing ok, but they really played well on Saturday. That gets me excited. Hopefully I can get on the field and get some playing time this year."

The 5-foot-11, 195-pound safety prospect said he also learned a great deal from his visit for a recent Irish practice.

"I got to sit in on the meetings and watch coach Lewis kind of explain everything," Gordon said. "That really helped out a lot. It's a lot of new terminology. It should take me about a month to learn. I've never had a hard time picking anything up. I've played so many positions on our defense so I kind of know how it all works."

Gordon also doesn't anticipate much of a learning curve when it comes to the technique of playing defensive back.

"He teaches all the techniques that I was taught," Gordon said of Lewis. "I already know all of that. All my coaches coached in college so I have been taught pretty well in technique. I just need to learn their system and their terminology."

Gordon also says he's been working overtime to give himself a chance to get on the field early.

"I've been running those 110s," he said. "They're not east, but I've been doing them. I also run with the track team. I don't run track, but I do it to make sure I'm staying in shape—do something extra. I also go over to football practice and work with those guys just to stay sharp. I also work hard in the weight room. That's an all year thing for me. I've always spent a lot of time in the weight room."

We asked Gordon if he's talked to the coaches about which position he'll line up in when he reports for fall camp.

"I think it's pretty much safety," he said. "I'm not sure which position, free or strong (safety). I think they're going to find out that I'm a pretty physical player. They'll find out I really like to hit. That might lead me more to strong (safety). I really don't care."

June can't come soon enough for the high school senior.

"I'm just really excited to get up there and get started," Gordon said. "I just want to start something new, have some new goals. I'm really looking forward to playing with these guys and playing for Notre Dame."

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