Weis Swings Through Michigan

On Monday, Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis was outside of Milwaukee Wis., visiting Josh Oglesby, and then on Tuesday morning he jumped Lake Michigan to visit Ronald Johnson, Dionte Allen and Taurian Washington.

Ronald Johnson (6-0, 185-pounds) of Muskegon, Mich. is a Scout.com Top-100 prospect. The Irish are recruiting him to play either wide receiver or cornerback and he was coach Weis' first stop Tuesday morning.

"Coach Weis stopped by in the morning, it was good to see him, Johnson said of Weis' appearance at his high school. "Everyone at school was excited to see him. He couldn't say much to me, but it was pretty good to see him today.

"My coaches were so busy today, so I didn't have a chance to see what coach Weis said, but he talked to them for a long time.

"He wanted to check in on my last ACT score because I never received it," Johnson said. "I took it in February and there must be something wrong with where the send it because I've never received it."

Johnson's interest in Notre Dame appeared to be slipping the last several weeks, but Ronald feels like the Irish have actually solidified their position.

"My interest in them moved up. They're definitely still there. It's still looking good for them," Johnson explained. "When he talked to my coaches, he wanted to know if they were still in the picture -- they're definitely in my top five."

Johnson will make a trip to Columbus, Ohio for the Nike combine in early May, but he will not work out. The coaches he spoke with indicated that it wasn't necessary to compete. Ronald still wanted to make the trip in order to hang out with some of the coaches and players at the event.

After meeting with Johnson's coaches, Charlie Weis made a trip across the state to meet with the coaches at Orchard Lakes St. Mary's preparatory school. Notre Dame is recruiting two of it's players cornerback Dionte Allen (6-0,170-pounds) and wide receiver Taurian Washington (6-0,170-pounds). Irish Eyes spoke with Allen to get his impression of coach Weis' visit.

"He came and saw me today, but he couldn't really say anything to me," Allen explained. "He talked to our coach for awhile. It was pretty nice that he came up; my school was pretty excited about it.

"He said he liked the our campus and everything. He said he wasn't coming up here for nothing and wanted to let me know they wanted me. I'll probably talk to him tomorrow or the next day."

Like Ronald Johnson, it appeared as that Allen's interest in the Irish had waned.

"I'm trying to keep an open mind, but I talk to coach Weis all the time," Allen explained. "Notre Dame's a good school. I'm just weighing my options right now. I was going to come down for the spring game, but I need to get to other places. I've already been down to Notre Dame and I had an opportunity to go somewhere else so."

That somewhere else was Ohio State. Allen's cousin is committed to play for the Buckeyes in 2006. Allen and Taurian Washington made the trip to Columbus together.

"I like how the fans showed a lot of support," said Allen. "There were a lot of people at the game, it seemed like they had a real game, and there were about 60,000 people that showed up. It was good; it was a real nice trip."

Allen will attend the Nike combine is Columbus, but like Johnson he will not compete is the combine testing. Allen is making the trip to support his teammates and meet with coaches and players.

As a junior, Allen recorded 51 tackles and five interceptions. On offense, he had 17 receptions for 299 yards and two touchdowns.

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