Barksdale Receives Visit from Weis Top-100 defensive tackle Joseph Barksdale of Cass Technical high school (Detroit, Mich.) was one of the top stars in attendance for the 77th annual Notre Dame Blue Gold Football game last week. Barksdale also received a visit from Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis on Tuesday.

Charlie Weis and his staff are out on the road trying to keep the recruiting momentum from the spring game rolling. Although Joseph Barksdale just saw the Irish coaches, he was happy to see them at his school on Tuesday.

"I was flattered that I was one of the first juniors that he visited," Barksdale said of Weis' visit. "It shows me that I'm important to their program. I'm pretty excited that he made the visit at all actually. Most schools send in assistant coaches first, but not Charlie Weis.

"I saw him, but he had my coach relay what he said because he can't really talk to me. He told my coach that he's very interested in me. I'm one of the top guys on his list. He also made a little joke because we had a track meet today and I was throwing the shot-put. I've never thrown the shot-put before and let's just say he said not to be concerned about my shot-put skills.

"Coach Weis said he thinks we have the potential to go to the NFL or he wouldn't have offered us a scholarship," explained Barksdale. "He's really going to go after us. He's going to see what we do before he offers anyone else a scholarship. Once we commit, they attention isn't going to slow down, it's going to pick up.

Barksdale made his second visit to South Bend this past weekend, and he came away impressed.

"Fan support," Barksdale replied when asked what stood out in his mind from the weekend. "How in-depth their knowledge was. They knew who I was and they knew I wanted to study engineering. They're just really supportive of their program. People came up and asked me for my autograph. Things were pretty crazy walking down the tunnel into the game… balls were raining from the sky. I think I signed one ball and threw it back to the wrong guy.

"We had to leave at half-time because we had to get back to Detroit. It was a special day at church and I have a couple brothers at home.

"I do want to go back, I might try to make a trip this summer," Barksdale said. "I want to walk around campus and talk to the coaches and players again. I don't think there is anything in particular that I want to see, but I do want to go back, just like I want to go back to other schools."

Barksdale hasn't narrowed down his list of schools and he is going to let things come to him. After the May evaluation period he believes most of the schools that are going to offer him a scholarship will have done so. At that time he will begin to evaluate his options and schedule his official visits.

"I'm going to schedule my official visits with the top five colleges that will best fit me and work for my family," Barksdale said. "I'll pick the colleges that I think best fit me and my wants and desires. Then I'm going to call the top schools that I didn't schedule and thank them for their time.

"I'm going to graduate early and enroll early. I have to take English this summer. I have all credits for everything else." Top Stories