Nothing Going to Slow Him Down

With the Irish already deep into recruiting for the 2007 season, it's easy to forget about the many talented players signed in 2006. Four-star defensive back recruit Darrin Walls is working to make sure nobody forgets about him.

Darrin Walls has always been known as a fast guy. The 6-1, 180-pound Pittsburgh native has flashed that speed many times on the football field. But after a shoulder injury that ended his senior season in football, Walls hasn't been able to show that speed yet while running track, at least until now.

"I've been running track this spring," Walls said when asked what he's been up to since signing day. "Last week was really the first time I felt comfortable doing it. I ran a 10.7 last week in the 100 (meters) and I feel like I'm getting back to where I was. I'm pretty happy about it. I'm just glad I'm getting my speed back."

The shoulder injury has also slowed Walls's ability to work out during this off-season.

"I really haven't been able to work out much because of my shoulder. But I did start awhile ago and I'm lifting and running now," he said. "I've been strengthening my shoulder now and I'm obviously able to run now. My shoulder feels good. I'll definitely be ready to go this fall."

The future Irish corner prospect also recently attended Notre Dame's spring game and loved the experience.

"That was the first time I met Leonard Gordon," Walls said. "He and I had talked and it was great to meet him. I hung out with all of those guys…..Morrice (Richardson), Konrad (Reuland), all those guys. It was a lot fun.

"It's great because we all know each other pretty well now. There's a real bond with all the guys and we know we have to go up there and take care of business. We know we're all going to be counted on in the next few years. It's a really tight class."

Walls also got a chance to take another look at Notre Dame's defense during the spring game.

"I was really, really impressed," Walls said. "They've really improved since last year. The offense, that's a good offense, and the defense played really well. I really liked watching the corners. They played hard."

While he did get to watch the Irish defense perform, he didn't get to speak much to the Notre Dame coaches.

"They were really busy with recruiting so I didn't want to bother them," he said. "I said hello to them, but they were busy with the game and recruiting. I'm just looking forward to getting up there and getting started."

Before Walls gets started he needs to finish high school—something the excellent student says he can't wait to accomplish.

"I graduate on June 8th," he said. "I can't wait to get that over with. The past month has been kind of hard to stay focused. I got my report card the other day and I got all As and one B, but it's been going slow. I'm just really ready to move on from here. I'll miss my friends and family, but I'm ready to move on."

What does Walls hope to accomplish during his first season with the Irish?

"I'm just going to work as hard as I can and hopefully I can get on the field," he said. "I really want to play…..bad. I'm just going to work hard and learn the defense so I don't have anything that slows me down." Top Stories