Major Wright talks about Notre Dame

If Notre Dame is going to improve it's defense they need big-time players, players that can intimidate the opponent. Major Wright of St. Thomas Aquinas high school (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) is going to be one of the top safeties of the 2007 recruiting class and he might be the best in the nation.

When recruiting players from Florida, the biggest hurdle for Notre Dame coaches is to get the player to campus. That has already happened with Major Wright (6-2, 200-pounds) as he accompanied teammate Sam Young to South Bend for the annual Blue-Gold Football Game.

"I was pretty nice. I like the facilities and I liked the coaches – it was just nice," Wright said of his visit to Notre Dame. "I loved the facilities, I loved the stadium. Coach Weis, he's a nice guy, I liked talking to him, he was honest… I liked that."

Wright had two teammates present for the spring game in Young and Dan Wenger. Despite this, he decided to make his own way and get to know the other recruits that were in attendance.

"I went off with the other recruits," Wright explained. "Marc Tyler, Jimmy [Clausen], Michael Williams, Regis [Arrelious] Benn, there were some others I can't remember, but that was cool."

Notre Dame has offered Wright a scholarship, but so has just about every school in the country. So many have offered that Major has lost count.

"I have a whole bunch of offers, I really don't know how many," Wright said. "There aren't any that stand out, I'm open right now, so any school can recruit me.

"I've been to ND and Florida State. I have not been to Miami or Florida."

Watching Wright's highlight film and one quickly understands why he will be one of the top players in the country regardless of position.

"I just do what my coaches tell me to do. First I worry about the pass. Second I come up on the run. I just stick to that every game," Wright said. "Sometimes I'm surprised by the hits, but sometimes I say I can do better. I like to watch film. I like to find out what I can improve on.

"It just comes naturally. I don't go into games saying that I'm going to kill this guy. It just comes. I just go out and do what I can do.

"I really don't have a clue," replied Wright when asked about a timeframe for a decision. "Right now I'm just going to worry about spring and go out and have fun. I'm just going to let things come." Top Stories