Irish Impress Miller Top-100 offensive lineman Ryan Miller of Columbine high school (Littleton, Colo.) made a swing through the Midwest to visit Notre Dame a week ago, and came away impressed with what the school had to offer.

With Ryan Miller (6-8, 280-pounds) living in an area as beautiful as Colorado it seems like it would be difficult to make a strong impression on him. That wasn't the case when he made the trip to South Bend for the Adidas combine.

"I really fell in love with it when I got there," Miller explained about his visit to Notre Dame. "That trip will make my decision even harder now because everything was so amazing. The campus itself was gorgeous. It's a wonderful campus. I liked how organized everything was. On bigger campuses you have buildings everywhere. At Notre Dame everything was angular, set in place and organized well. I didn't expect everything to be so beautiful. I've seen pictures of Touchdown Jesus, but to actually see that in real life, I thought that was pretty cool. I never knew it was that big.

"We got the golf cart tour by coach Weis. To have someone take the time to show you first hand, that was really impressive, I enjoyed that a lot. I hadn't realized that he graduated from there, so he knew all the history of the school."

"He was honest, straightforward," Miller continued. "He didn't really chew the fat, he got straight to the point and tells it like it is. That might come of as arrogant to some but he's going to tell you like it is and that's the way I like it. I don't like when there's a lot of gray area."

In addition to coach Weis, Miller had an opportunity to meet a couple Notre Dame players.

"I got to meet Ryan Harris, their big old left tackle, and Brian Mattes the right tackle," Miller said. "I felt dwarfed by Harris. His arms are just about as big as my legs. They were friendly, welcoming. Being around them for 30 minutes, conversation just sparked. We talked about the draft, barbeques and what not. It wasn't that much football related."

Overall Miller was very impressed with his experience at Notre Dame.

"It's probably the most professional that I've seen. It was a gut feeling I had. Notre Dame took a big step forward.

"My top schools in this order are Colorado, with Notre Dame close behind, then Miami and USC."

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