Blackwell Adds More Offers Top-100 prospect Will Blackwell of West Monroe high school (La.) is one of the elite defensive tackle recruits in the country. Notre Dame has already offered him a scholarship, but they are one of many and his college options are growing daily.

Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Southern Mississippi, Texas Christian University and Northwestern are the latest schools to offers Will Blackwell (6-4, 290-pounds). LSU, Auburn, Mississippi, Mississippi State and the Irish had already invited him to play football at their schools.

"My grandfather is my coach and advisor in this process" Blackwell responded when asked how he was going about narrowing down his options. "The main thing we say is it depends on who has the best year. Who makes a run at the championship? Who is in the big game? I want to put myself in position to ultimately win a national championship. Whichever teams have goods seasons pretty much will make a big difference in where I go. I don't want to go somewhere that is 3-8.

"Other schools picking up big-time recruits; Notre Dame picking up Jimmy Clausen for example. Whenever a school is getting these big-time players, it's saying they're going to be good, they're going to win…that helps too."

"I don't want to go anywhere that is going to sign three or four defensive tackles, because it doesn't show a lot of faith in me," Blackwell explained. "It depends on what a lot of people do this summer. I don't want to split time with anybody. I want to go somewhere where I can get my time in. Competition isn't a big thing with me, but you only have four years, so why spend two or three behind someone else."

Blackwell isn't going to attend any combines, but he would like to get around to see some schools before he gets serious about eliminating schools.

"I don't believe I'll be going to any three-day camps this summer," Blackwell explained. "I'll try to make some senior days but that's still a few months away. Right now we're in the middle of spring ball, so I'm probably going to wait and decide where I'm going to go this summer.

"I'll probably take some unofficial visits this fall, maybe go to some games close, but I don't know about this summer. I have nothing planned right now. I'll probably wait awhile and talk to coaches. We have three or four coaches looking at me every day. All of them are saying that they want you, but it's kind of hard to make it everywhere. By the end of the summer I'd like to have a top five or top ten."

Which schools have the best shot of making Blackwell's final list of schools?

"Any SEC school, all those schools are great and Notre Dame is up there too. Everyone is on the same level," he responded.

Blackwell had 80 tackles and eight sacks for the season.

Blackwell reports a 3.5 core GPA/24 ACT.

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