Tight End John Carlson Has Visited Notre Dame

<P>Tight End is not a real need for Notre Dame this year but they do seem interested in taking one. One tight end Notre Dame seems pretty interested in is Litchfield, MN prospect John Carlson. </P>

John Carlson is 6-6 and 235 pounds. He caught 18 balls for 400 yards last year and 8 touchdowns. He also had around 90 tackles on defense last year.

"Most teams are recruiting me as a tight end. I have offers from Stanford, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Duke, Auburn, Northwestern and Colorado. I am also being recruited for basketball and I have offers from Rice, Houston and Greenbay-Wisconsin."

John has been on some unofficials and we talked about each one. Here is what he had to say about each school.

"At Northwestern, academically, they are awesome. I was impressed. I liked the coaches. The campus was beautiful and it's real close to Lake Michigan. It's also close to Chicago and I am not into the big city life. I am not sure how that will effect me." Carlson seemed impressed with Northwestern.

"At Ill, I liked the coaches. Coach Dan O'Dell is a good guy. I met the TE coach and he was a good guy too. They are not as good academically as some of the others I am looking at."

"Notre Dame, wow, they have a new coach, Coach Willingham. He is amazing, I was blown away by him. The campus was awesome. I got to meet with most of the coaches and they are good guys and the campus was small which I really like. Yeah, Notre Dame is cool. I really liked it there."

"Stanford, academically, you can't top them. Coach Teevins is a good guy. I can see how you would send your kid to him. He plans on doing things the right way. The distance isn't a big deal. I figure that I won't be able to go home much anyway no matter where I am at. The only thing about that is can my parents come see me play."

I asked John what was important to him. "Academics would be #1. That is very important. They coaching staff but who knows how long they will be with you. I like a small campus with a college feel to it. My Dad and I kind of made a check list when we went on these visits. He and I will have to sit down and go over the positives and the negatives." I asked if his Dad had any favorites after going to see all these schools. "I think he does but he won't tell me. He won't talk about who he likes."

Carlson said he plans to narrow it down to 2 or 3 schools. He is set academically with a 3.97 core and a 28 on his ACT. He wants to narrow it down because he will be playing basketball and won't have the chance to visit a lot of schools.

Comments. It's going to depend on if Notre Dame offers. I think if they do, he will commit to Notre Dame. He was very impressed with Notre Dame and Willingham. That is just my opinion but I can usually tell when someone is excited about Notre Dame. We just have to wait and see if Notre Dame will offer.

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