Nuss Hears from the Irish, Again

During the May evaluation period college coaches are able to visit high schools and watch prospects workout. Names that schools hadn't been recruiting will suddenly appear. Offensive lineman Andrew Nuss Stone of Bridge high school (Ashburn, Va.) is a prospect the Irish now appear to be recruiting, but he isn't a new name for the Notre Dame staff.

People who following recruiting get the impression those prospects who appear at this time are new players that the coaches have finally discovered. That isn't always the case. Despite Andrew Nuss (6-5, 283-pounds) being a new name to Irish fans, he's a player the Irish staff has known about for some time.

"Actually Sept 1 this past year when they're allowed to send official mail I got a huge booklet from them," responded Nuss when asked when the Irish originally contacted him. "About January or February everything stopped and I didn't get anything from them. At that time I didn't think they were going to recruit me anymore.

"I know they're a great school and they look for a certain type of player so that didn't bother me. Then about two weeks before the combine at Penn State coach Vass came to see me and said that they were interested in me. They said they wanted me to come down to their June 3 elite camp, which I am. I'll find out then whether I get an offer from them.

Georgia, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Maryland, West Virginia, Duke, North Carolina State, and most recently Purdue have already offered Nuss a scholarship. That is a very good list of early offers for any athlete, let alone a player that has only been playing the game for a couple years.

"Most colleges are recruiting me at guard, but a couple schools say tackle," explained Nuss. "I want to play defense in college but I'm probably not fast enough for them. That really doesn't bother me, to play Division I football would be awesome.

"I'm one of the guys that will get it done no matter what. I'm a hard-nosed kid in the trenches. Off the field I'm a real nice guy. On the field I'm a different person. I take my job seriously and get done whatever I have to do.

"I'm pretty athletic," continued Nuss. "I don't want to be a huge, big guy that weighs 340 pounds. I just like being athletic. I started last year for the first time on varsity as an offensive lineman and this year was my first year at defensive line and I started. This will only be my third year playing football. Before that I was a huge baseball fan.

In a "3-5" defensive scheme Nuss had 27 total tackles, a deflected pass and a couple quarterback hurries as the defensive tackle. Top Stories