Prince is Ready to Report

Munir Prince of DeSmet high school (St. Louis, Mo.) was the first commitment of the 2006 recruiting class. Since then he has been anticipating his arrival to Notre Dame. In less than a month Munir will report to South Bend with the rest of his class with high expectations.

The transition from high school star to college freshman can be difficult. Munir Prince (5-11, 190-pounds) has been preparing himself for all the challenges that college football presents.

"I've just been training and trying to get the playbook down so I understand what's going on," Prince said of his preparation for Notre Dame. "I'm going start at running back and work my way up the ranks and work the return game too.

"It's kind of like doing calculus," he said of learning the playbook. "It's a matter of getting everything down. Understanding my blocking schemes, understanding the routes and knowing the different formations. I think I've made some huge strides. I cannot wait to get out there and show everybody what I can do."

If Prince is going to get on the filed in his first season, he will need every advantage he can grasp. Learning the playbook is one step; the other is getting physically prepared.

"I got a personal trainer and he just uses the ND workout so that's been working out pretty good," Prince explained. "I haven't been doing the 110s, I've actually been doing 300-yard shuttles. I do seven of those a day. I started off with two. You always have your bad days when it's hot outside, but it's paying off.

"I'm going to show up at Notre Dame at about 190 pounds and that was my target. I actually met that pretty much through nutrition. I put some protein shakes with my workouts and that kind of helped me put that extra weight on."

During his senior season Prince played at 172 pounds. Despite the added weight he has actually increased his speed.

"I got my forty time down. I was around the low 4.4 and now I'm around 4.3 hand-timed," Prince said. "I qualified for state in track. I ran a 10.4 (meters) last week so I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do. My top time before was 10.5 My goal this year was to add weight but keep my speed. I just worked real hard with my trainer and everything worked out." Top Stories