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A Look at Some Top Targets at QB

<P>Recruiting is going to heat up once September rolls around so I thought I would do a position by position break-down of the top targets the Irish are looking at. This list is not "the" list but just a list from information I have gathered over the year. Some will be offered, some will be desired but not offered yet. I will take my best guess as to which players have been offered. I expect that I will be right more than wrong when I guess. </P>

The first position is a need position. Notre Dame needs some quarterbacks. They will likely take two. With Carlyle Holiday having two years left after this year, they seem set for a while. Chris Olsen will have the full 4 years of eligibility once he reports and likely red-shirts this year. After these two players, Notre Dame does not have another scholarship player on the roster so this is a need area.

Some of the top prospects come from all over the country. Richard Kovalcheck is from St. Augustine HS in San Diego, CA. The 6-3 215 pound QB is one of the top targets for Notre Dame this year. He has been offered from my information. ND seems to be right in the mix. Kovalcheck has been very open all year long and I think he will be willing to listen to what Notre Dame has to offer. Will he leave California?

Another top prospect hails from Dublin Coffman HS in Dublin, OH. Brady Quinn is a 6-4 205 pound strong-armed QB that has recently been making a lot of noise. He has been to Notre Dame twice and has yet to receive an offer. I am going to guess that he will be offered soon. It is rumored that he will be at Notre Dame on July 26th. Quinn has seen his stock rise probably more than any other player has in the country. He is a being recruited very hard by anyone who has seen him perform.

Another player will bring back memories for most Notre Dame fans. He is from Independence HS in Charlotte, NC. Chris Leak is the brother of QB C.J. Leak. Notre Dame finished second for brother C.J. and a lot of rumors were thrown around about the C.J. Leak recruitment. I am sure most were unfair. Chris is considered one of the best, if not the best QB in the country this year. Many speculate that Leak is going to follow his older brother to Tennessee. Others say ND has a legit shot in this race. I have yet to talk to Chris so I don't know what the real situation is here. ND is recruiting him very hard but I am not sure if he has a genuine interest in Notre Dame. It is rumored that he has been offered as well.

California is loaded with quality QBs this year. Another that Notre Dame is recruiting is from Monte Vista HS in Danville, CA. Kyle Wright is a 6-4 200 pound QB that is quite an athlete. He ran a 4.67 at the Nike camp at USC this summer. He has been offered by Notre Dame. Many speculate that he will end up at USC. I agree and I think Notre Dame has little shot at this player. He still lists Notre Dame but I think they will continue to slide as the season goes on. It's a shame because he is one of the best kids I have talked to this year. Good luck to Kyle because he is a great kid even if he ends up a Trojan.

There are other players that Notre Dame is recruiting. Others showing interest in Notre Dame or players they are recruiting are Brad Bower from Hinsdale Central HS in Hinsdale, IL. Bower was at Notre Dame camp but they appear to be sliding. ND has not offered.

Another player to watch is a QB from Lillie B. Williamson HS in Mobile, AL. Jamarcus Russell. Russell is very hard to get in touch with because he is in a summer camp associated with academics. He is fully qualified from my understanding and I hear he would be interested if Notre Dame showed more interest in him. Watch this player in the future.

There are others that will be mentioned with Notre Dame recruiting over the next few months. Many more names will pop up. Others such as Clayton Richard and Robert Lane are targets the Irish would like to get in on but baseball is also involved. Notre Dame cannot afford to take part-time QBs. They need QBs that are going to be there 4 years and develop and as talented as Richard and Lane might be, they need to concentrate on full-time quarterbacks.

I fully expect that Notre Dame will land some top QBs this year. There isn't a lot of margin for error here. The good news is coach Willingham and Diedrick usually always get their man. Some new names will surface but these are some of the top players they are interested in at this time.

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