Don't Mess With "The Duke"

<P>I love a success story. The story of Chinedum Ndukwe's recruiting process is a success story. Ndukwe has been to Notre Dame countless times and finally came away with an offer. Will he now accept that offer and attend Notre Dame? </P>

Dublin Coffman's Chinedum Ndukwe has been a Notre fan for years. His older brother just graduated from Notre Dame and he has been to Notre Dame many times to see his brother. He has been hoping that coach Willingham would notice that he can play football and Willingham and his staff finally realized that he could play football and offered Ndukwe. I talked to "The Duke" about the whole process to find out what he thinks of Notre Dame now and if he plans on committing any time soon.

"Notre Dame has been my favorite team for a long time. I was waiting around for an offer. I had been there twice already and they didn't offer so I didn't think they were that interested in me. They didn't call me at all in May. I almost didn't go to camp but I talked to my Dad about it and we went anyway. I am glad I did go. It felt great to get an offer from Notre Dame. It's always been a great place and I always feel comfortable there."

Nduke went to a lot schools over the summer. He visited Maryland, Virginia, Penn State, Pitt, Ohio State, Stanford, Michigan, Michigan Stae and Notre Dame. He camped and both Stanford and Notre Dame and received offers from both.

"I am pretty close to making my decision. I am almost sure I know what I want to do. I think I might go back to Penn State, back to Purdue and maybe to Maryland as well. I just want to be 100% sure before I make a decision." I asked Chinedum if he was thinking Notre Dame and that was what he was almost sure about. "Yeah, I just feel comfortable there."

With the speculation of "The Duke's" teammate Brady Quinn, I asked if Chinedum was waiting for Quinn to decide and what his thoughts were on Brady. "I am not really waiting on Brady. It would be great to go to the same school. I wish he would have went to Notre Dame camp because I think they would have offered him. Every other school he camped at has. I think Brady feels the same way I did. He is not sure how interested Notre Dame is because they haven't offered. We are good friends and Brady is a Notre Dame fan so it would be nice but I won't let that effect my decision."

Comments. This one is over I believe. I doubt very much Chinedum goes anywhere but Notre Dame. I do think he is waiting to see what Brady does. I don't think it will matter though. "The Duke" will likely ride this out until Brady visits Notre Dame (rumored to be on July 26th, more on that later) and then make a decision. I think he will probably visit some other schools but I wouldn't get too worried about it. I think this is over. Top Stories