Is WR Jeff Samardzija Close to a Decision?

<P>I talked to wide receiver Jeff Samardzija right after his camp at Notre Dame. Jeff was very excited about his offer from Notre Dame but wasn't ready to make a decision. He went to Ohio State camp and said he might have a decision shortly after that camp. Is he close to making a decision? </P>

Valparasio, IN prospect Jeff Samardzija has had a busy summer so far. He attended Michigan camp, Notre Dame camp and Ohio State camp. He received an offer from Notre Dame after camp. I thought I would check up and see how he is doing.

"I haven't made a decision yet. I went to Michigan camp and they told me that they have very few scholarships to give. They told me to call them before I committed anywhere and they would decide then to offer me or not. Ohio State was basically the same. They don't have many scholarships to give either. I am looking at those two schools as well as Notre Dame and Purdue which have offered me."

I asked Jeff if he was close to making a decision. "Well, I am not 100% sure yet. I am just going to wait until it feels right. I don't have a date set for when I will announce. I am just waiting for it to feel right."

The big factor I believe is Jeff is pretty close with his brother. I think he is waiting for him to come back home so they can celebrate as a family. "I would like to wait for my brother to get back from his internship in California. He is 4 years older but we are pretty close and I would like to talk it over with him first."

Comments. Jeff told me long ago he was a Notre Dame fan. He goes to home games and he was very excited when they offered. He did say that Notre Dame and Purdue are the schools he is most interested in but that is because they have offered. I am guessing that Jeff wants to wait for his brother to return so they can celebrate as a family. I am confident that he will choose Notre Dame. Top Stories