McCray Opens his Recruitment

Notre Dame had considerable interest in defensive tackle prospect D'Angelo McCray of Andrew Jackson High School (Jacksonville, Fla.) until he committed to the Florida Gators in April. After considering his future, McCray has decided to take a look at some other schools before he makes a final decision.

Notre Dame fans would like him to consider the Irish, but D'Angelo McCray (6-5, 280-pounds) will have all of the top schools from around the country trying to get back in the recruiting race.

"I just committed too early and I want to see what other schools had to offer," responded McCray when asked about his commitment to Florida. "I just picked up an offer from USC last week. They want me to come on a visit. I've never been to California so I'd like to make a trip out there," explained McCray. "I'll probably make a visit to Florida State for the Florida game."

The Irish had offered McCray a scholarship early, but he wasn't certain how interested they were.

"I liked them," McCray said of Notre Dame. "My coach told me to go check them out, but I hadn't heard anything from them so I really just thought they had lost interest, so that's why I took them off my interest.

"My coach said it was kind of early because they hadn't had time to come see our spring game and everything. I was just getting into the recruiting game and I was getting tired of all phone calls from the schools that I wasn't going to go to."

McCray has been in contact with coach Parmalee, but he wasn't able to pick him out of the group of Irish coaches at the latest combine.

"He was at the Nike camp (Gainesville) but I didn't know which one he was because there were a couple coaches from Notre Dame out there. Coach Weis was out there, but I don't know if he knew who I was."

As a junior McCray had 75 tackles, 23 tackles for loss and 12 sacks. He also caught 24 balls for 370 yards and a touchdown at tight end. Top Stories