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Brady Quinn Set to Visit Notre Dame Again

<P>I am officially naming the quarterback recruiting effort as the "merry-go-round." This has been spinning and spinning since April. Nobody has has jumped on board yet so this thing will continue to spin. Is Dublin Cofflin QB Brady Quinn going to be the first on board? </P>

Dublin, OH QB Brady Quinn has had quite a ride this year. In a few short months, he has gone from considering some MAC schools to some of the top schools in the country. Quinn was thankful for the offers he did have but set out to prove that he was one of the top quarterbacks in the country.

Quinn went on a trek to see some of the top schools in the country and to camp to see if he could get more interest. He went to Tennesse, he received an offer. He went to South Carolina, he received and offer. He went to Michigan, he received an offer. He went to Ohio State, he received an offer. He was supposed to attend Notre Dame camp but never made it.

I asked Brady about why he didn't attend camp. "I had just come home from attending 5 camps. Notre Dame wanted me to come up and compete at their camp right after. I was tired and I didn't want to perform poorly at their camp. My coach and I talked about it and we both decided I was too tired to go to their camp."

Brady was scheduled to go so I asked him why he chose not to go. "Well, I have been to Notre Dame twice recently. I went and they didn't offer me so I was not sure how interested they were in me. I decided to go to check out some schools I haven't been to. I wanted to see as many schools as I could so I could get a better idea of which schools I would be interested in."

Brady and I talked about all the schools that he was looking at. He said that right now, Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, Boston College, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Colorado and Illinois are his top schools. He said he has over 20 offers at this point but these are the schools he is focusing on the most right now.

I asked Brady if he is going to visit Notre Dame again. "I have talked to them. It looks like I will be going to Notre Dame around the 26th or so. A lot of the ND coaches are on vacation and one is getting married once they get back so we both thought it would be good to wait until everyone was back." Brady also said he is going to Ohio State on Thursday for an academic visit.

Comments. I think if Notre Dame offers, they have a very good shot at Brady. He told me that he is going up there to talk to coach Willingham and hopes to be offered when he is there. Ohio State is another school to watch out for. A real classy kid and has a great personality. He would fit in well.

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