Irish Looking at Ayers

The Notre Dame coaching staff is nearing the end of the May evaluation period and a few names of prospects that they are interested in have surfaced. Linebacker Akeem Ayers of Verbum Dei high school (Los Angeles, Calif.) looks like a player the Irish have some interest in recruiting.

Notre Dame is looking for players on defense that can run sideline to sideline. Akeem Ayers (6-3, 215-pounds) has that ability and Notre Dame is going to take a long look at him.

"Probably a couple months ago," responded Ayers when asked how long the Irish had been recruiting him. "I just spoke to the coaches a couple times, and they just came up to my school and talked to my coach. Coach Polian told me that they're interested in me as an outside linebacker, but he really hasn't gone into too much detail.

"I like [Notre Dame] a lot and it's a school I'll definitely consider going to. I know about their football history, their national championships and all their players. I just like the school and the great coaching staff over there with coach Weis. I know a little about him, but not too much."

Cal, Arizona, Nebraska, Washington State, San Diego State, Mississippi, Arizona, Oregon and San Diego State have already extended Ayers a scholarship offer. Ayers will obviopusly take a long look at those schools, along with two of the local teams.

"I like UCLA. I think I can fit in well over there, and USC is in there also," Ayers responded when asked about additional colleges that he was considering. "I think UCLA will be the next school to offer me. It's closer to home. That's one thing that's a factor when I chose a college.

"I'm going to take my time so I make sure it's the right choice. I'll talk everything over with my parents and then take it from there. I'm not trying to rush it right now."

As a junior Ayers complied 116 tackles, 23 sacks and one interception. Top Stories