Recruiting Week in Review

If there are two things that Notre Dame fans know about Charlie Weis by now, it's that he has a plan for everything and that he's brutally honest. His organization skills have become legendary in the short time that he's been at the Irish helm.

His straightforward and open manner with the press is a refreshing break from previous staffs, and if recruit comments are any indication, his recruiting pitch features the same level of frankness. This organized and open approach to recruiting extends across the entire staff and obviously resonates with recruits. Last year's top five recruiting class and this year's outstanding start seem to indicate that.

Defensive back is one position that needs yearly attention. While the Irish staff has offered a number of recruits at this position, they appear not to be the leader for any of them. Of course, much can change in the over eight months until signing day but, as always, Weis has a plan. Two young men who have yet to receive offers might in the near future. Both are outstanding talents and still very visible on the Irish radar. What have you been missing by not being a member of Irish Eyes?

Cedric Everson, CB, 6-foot-1, 175, Mumford High School, Detroit Mich., has been a target on Notre Dame's recruiting board for quite some time now. While Everson has yet to receive an offer, his father believes that Notre Dame has seen all that they need to in order to make a decision on Cedric.

"They love Cedric," said the elder Everson. "The thing with Notre Dame is that they want him to come to camp. We're going to go see them. They're one of the schools we're going to see in the Midwest. We'll see how things develop between now and then. It's my understanding that they've got everything they need in terms of their evaluation of Cedric."

Undoubtedly, Charlie Weis would appreciate Mr. Everson's approach in helping Cedric choose a college. The elder Everson has a plan and is patiently guiding Cedric through it.

"We're heading out to UCLA and USC at the end of this week," Mr. Everson explained. "I want him to see everything. I don't want him to make a decision and later on think ‘man, I didn't even go out there.' The big thing for us is that we didn't want him to make a decision based on him seeing a team play on Saturday. We actually want him to go out there and see the physical structure and get a chance to see people walk back and forth on campus and kind of get a feel for what's going on at the university."

The Eversons have been to Notre Dame once and Weis returned the favor by visiting Mumford last week in what seemed to be as much a fact-find mission as a recruiting one.

"Coach Weis made his rounds in Detroit last week," said Mr. Everson. "It was great seeing him. He wanted to know if we were still interested. He wanted to know if we felt like we did initially. He wanted to know where they stood and we told him that they're still in the hunt."

Cedric and his father have already begun the paring down process.

"There are just a few schools that I'd actually like him to see before he makes a decision," explained Mr. Everson. "Realistically, he can only take five visits and then you can only sign one letter. There aren't twenty schools in the running. There aren't even ten."

While the Notre Dame staff has consistently been recruiting Cedric Everson, they have only recently begun re-recruiting Jordan Mabin, CB, 5-foot-11, 190, Nordonia High School, Macedonia, Ohio. After showing some initial interest, the Irish apparently backed off of Mabin. Perhaps that was because Mabin has been at a bit of a disadvantage in the recruiting process. Though he projects as a cornerback in college, he has primarily played running back in high school. He has been attending combines in order to showcase his defensive skills for college recruiters. Apparently, this strategy has been working.

"A lot of coaches have been coming in school," said Mabin. "A lot of things have been picking up since the [Columbus] Nike combine so things are doing pretty good. A lot of coaches have been contacting me, so things have been going real good actually. A lot of those schools had contacted me before the combine and just picked up more after the combine. A couple of new schools have come though, also."

Notre Dame's interest in Mabin has picked up as of late. Recruiting coordinator Rob Ianello has been in contact with Mabin and he has liked what Ianello had to say.

"Notre Dame talked to me early and then kind of stopped talking to me for a little bit, but within the last week or two I talked to Coach Ianello," answered Mabin about being recruited by the Irish. "He pretty much told me where I stand in Notre Dame's eyes. They're going to be offering more people and that's where I'm at. I think I have a great shot at getting a scholarship."

Mabin continued. "I definitely got a good feeling when I talked to Coach Ianello. He told me the truth. He told me where I stood. It's great when a coach can be honest with you and tell you where you stand and that means a lot."

While the Irish are high on Mabin, it appears he may have a bit more work to do to earn a scholarship offer.

"It means that I need to work a little bit harder and prove to them that I deserve a scholarship and I'll definitely do that," explained Mabin. "I think I'll go up to their one-day camp in the summer. I'm not sure of all the details yet. I know coach Ianello explained it to me and he told me to look into it."

Even if Notre Dame extends an offer, they may have a tough time beating out Pitt. The Panthers have been recruiting Mabin for some time and he has developed a strong relationship with Pitt's staff.

"I've definitely been in real close contact with Pitt," stated Mabin. "Actually, today coach Wannstedt and coach Rhoades were at my school. I go up to Pitt a lot. I like to see Dorin (Dickerson) so I've been to Pitt a lot of times. I've been able to go around the campus and meet the players so I have a good relationship with Pitt. I definitely like Pitt. They were my first offer and that definitely means something to me."

Mabin doesn't intend to draw out the recruiting process. He plans on an early decision. He currently holds offers from Pitt, Marshall, Indiana, Kent State and Akron. Top Stories