CA Wide Receiver Likes Irish

<P>Loyola HS has produced some great talent over the years. One of their prized prospects this year is Quintin Daniels. The Los Angeles wide receiver is getting a lot of attention and Notre Dame is also interested in Daniels. </P>

Quintin Daniels is 6-0 180 pounds. Last year, he scored 7 touchdowns. He rushed 9 times for 145 yards and 1 touchdown. He caught 32 balls for 563 yards and 6 touchdowns. He attended the Nike camp but had a pulled hamstring so he didn't work out much at the Nike camp.

"Right now, I have offers from UCLA, Washington and ASU. Stanford, Notre Dame, California and Oregon are also showing a lot of interest. A lot of other schools are starting to recruit me hard as well."

I talked to Daniels about recruiting and what is going to be important to him when he decides. "Education is #1. I will look hard at that. After that, football is important. I like warmer weather. The people and the overall environment will also be important to me. I want to major in sports medicine so they have to have a good sports medicine program."

Daniels is a pretty smart kid as well. "I have a 3.2 core g.p.a. I took the test but I am not proud of my score. I scored 1090 on my SAT but I am going to take it again."

Daniels said his top teams right now are the Pac 10 schools, Notre Dame, the Florida schools, Wisconsin and Nebraska. I asked Quintin if he thought it was likely he would stay in the Pac 10. "I don't know, maybe. I wouldn't mind going away for school at all. Distance is not an issue. I guess I have to wait and see who offers me and where I feel the most comfortable."

Comments. Daniels did tell me he liked UCLA a lot. He is a UCLA fan and he has friends that go to UCLA. If Notre Dame wants to have a real shot, I think they will have to offer early in the season. A real nice kid and he would fit in well. I think UCLA has the best shot here. Top Stories