Summers-Gavin Catches Notre Dame's Attention

Offensive lineman Matt Summers-Gavin of St. Ignatius College Prep (San Francisco, Calif.) isn't the player the Notre Dame staff has been looking at for a long time, but now that they know who he is, he might become a priority recruit for the Irish.

Notre Dame has a number of scholarship offers out to offensive line prospects that are in the mold of tackles. Notre Dame certainly will need tackles, but offensive guards are also a priority. Matt Summers-Gavin (6-4.5, 275-pounds) is likely a guard prospect at the next leval, and the Irish like what they have seen in Summers-Gavin.

"They only found out about me a few months ago," Summers-Gavin explained about his recruitment by Notre Dame. "I sent them my DVD and coach Polian has a connection to my family. He came out to one of my spring practices and he really liked what he saw. He thought I was one of the top offensive linemen on the West Coast. As he put it, he'd stand on a table for me. I guess he went back to coach Weis and they sat down and watched my film.

"Right now they want to stick with the amount of kids that they've offered, but if one of the kids they've offered commits somewhere else, then I'll get an offer. That's where I stand right now."

As it stands Summers-Gavin already has a solid list of schools that have offered him a scholarship.

"I have seven or eight offers right now," said Summers-Gavin. "Georgia, Nebraska, Arizona State, Washington, Cal, Colorado, and Oregon. I talked to the offensive line coach at Northwestern and he said that he just needed to speak with the head coach and they'd offer."

Although the Notre Dame staff didn't know much about Matt until recently, he is fairly familiar with Notre Dame.

"My friend's dad went there and he tells me stories about Notre Dame all the time," Summers-Gavin answered when asked about his knowledge of Notre Dame. "It has a great tradition. One of my favorite movies is ‘Rudy.' It has great academics, the graduation rate is great, and it looks like a great place."

"Right now I'm just staying open and I'm not leaning toward anyone," Summers-Gavin said about his decision. "I'm just trying to take this summer to research each school, but I would definitely say what Notre Dame has shown me interest-wise, and what they have to offer, the academics, which are very important to me, the chance to be on a great football team, it looks like a great place.

"I had followed coach Weis when he was at the Patriots," he continued. "I saw what he did there and I knew right when he picked up the Notre Dame job that he was going to turn the program around. It seems like they are on that track. I've seen the recruiting class and that looks really good. They have Jimmy Clausen so that looks good at quarterback. It seems like a place that I'd fit. Top Stories