Kallen Wade Is Working Hard

Freshman report to Notre Dame in less than two weeks and most of Notre Dame's 2006 recruiting have been enjoying their last semester of freedom. Most of them except defensive end Kallen Wade of Withrow high school (Cincinnati, Ohio) who has been run ragged with everything going on in his life.

While most of his classmates have been concentrating on getting into condition for summer workouts, Kallen Wade has been trying to catch his breath before reporting to Notre Dame on June 18.

"If I'm home, it's generally to sleep," Wade responded when asked if he was ready to report to Notre Dame. "I've been real busy with work, trying to get things organized [to leave] and working out trying to get my weight up.

"I'm still scrambling around at this point. I'm starting to pack now, because I have to leave this Friday for the ‘Big 33' game in Hershey, Pennsylvania. I'll be there for a week and the game is actually June 17. Then I have to fly [to South Bend] because I wouldn't be able to make it in time to report if I drove.

"I'm really excited for the game," Wade said. "It's the last game I'll play with a couple of guys from my football team, Jamar Howard and Robert Williams."

A portion of Kallen's life is dedicated to getting to Notre Dame and getting ready to mix it up with the upperclassmen. That generally means adding weight for incoming freshmen.

"I've been working out very hard. I don't love them," Wade said of his workouts. "They tire me out every day. I split the workout up. Half I do weight room and the other half I do turf work.

"Coach Minter and coach Weis were actually talking about my weight when they came to visit me and they said I was good to go and at that time I was around 215 pounds. They said I could play at that weight, but any weight I could gain would be very helpful and increase my chances of playing even more. I'm sitting at about 225-227 pounds.

"They expected me to gain about 10 pounds each year, so I'd be finishing off around 255-265 pounds," he added

Wade will be a guest on Irish Eyes Power Hour tonight.

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