The Greatest Ever?

We're happy to introduce our latest contest at Irish Eyes. We admit there isn't a lot of new information out there right now, so we thought we'd create something fun to keep us all busy for the next few weeks. We're going to crown our "Greatest Player of all Time," which will be voted on by all who read Irish Eyes.

What does "greatest" mean? Well, we thought "best" would be judged too much on statistics. We thought "fan favorite" would leave off many deserving Irish greats. Then we thought of "greatest." Greatest, we believe, includes both best and favorite, but also comprises things like leadership, heart, "ND man," and everything else we Irish fans have been known to love about our favorite players.

We're holding a contest with 64 of your all-time favorite players. Like any tournament, we'll have a bracket and you'll vote on the winner. In fact, you'll have to try to vote your favorite through each round to crown him the winner.

But before we put the bracket together, we'll need your help with both seeds and input on your favorite players. They're your best and favorite players, so we need to make sure we've include the right players in the tournament.

To do that, we'll have discussion on both the Irish Eyes premium board, and "the Huddle," our free football board. We'll monitor the discussion looking for a consensus on those you believe worthy of the crowing of "the greatest."

But it won't be enough to just nominate someone to get him into the final 64. You better come armed with facts, stats and solid reasons for your favorite players to be added to the list.

We've taken the liberty of already nominating 40 fan favorites into the tournament. We believe all are sure bets to be on most of your lists, or at least they should be. We've left out some recent Irish players on purpose. We want to make sure some older players get their due respect. You can fight for your more recent players in the discussion to ensue in the next few days.

We'll have discussion on the message boards for the next two days and then we'll have discussion of seeds as well. We hope to kick off the first round of the tournament starting Monday, June 12. We'll open voting and post results after the voting is finished.

On the Irish Eyes message boards you'll see a post tacked to the top labeled "Greatest Irish Player." You'll find the initial 40 names already entered in the competition there. It is here that you can state your case for your favorite Irish player to be added to the field of 64.

Did your favorite players make the initial 40? Do you need to make your case? Find out on Irish Eyes message boards.

To find the list, you'll need to go to the Irish Eyes message boards listed HERE. If you're a premium member, you can go to the Members Board. If you're not an Irish Eyes premium member, you can go to the Huddle to find the list.

Note: We didn't include players from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. because not many really have an understanding of that era of football. We did add all Heisman winners as they deserve that kind of respect. Top Stories