Wilson Preparing for two big trips.

Scout.com's No.12 rated offensive lineman James Wilson of Nease high school (St Augustine, Fla.) has been busy visiting schools during the spring. He has several more trips to make and then he may be ready to make his college decision.

James Wilson (6-5, 306 pounds) has said throughout his recruitment that he planned on making a trip to South Bend during the summer and he'll be heading to Notre Dame this week.

"I'm leaving Wednesday," Wilson answered when asked about his plans to visit Notre Dame. "I'm going to check out the campus and see how comfortable the surroundings are. I'll try to picture myself going there. I'll meet the coaching staff and see how they coach and how I interact with all of them.

"I'm just going to have an open mind. They haven't told me specifically what we're going to do. We'll probably watch film and breakdown film. They're just going to show me everything that I want to see."

Wilson has already narrowed his list of schools down to Notre Dame, USC, Florida, Wake Forest, Colorado and Ohio State.

"I'm going to Southern Cal's camp," Wilson said. "I'll be out there for two weeks to visit my dad. I'll be looking for the same things pretty much [as with Notre Dame]. The coaches the environment, and the school.

"They have a great program. Coach Carroll will be there for a while. It's pretty much the tradition. SC is SC. They've just kept me interested.

"I pretty much know everything I need to know about Florida," Wilson said of the in-state Gators. "I know coach Meyer is going to be there for a while. I've got Timmy [Tebow] down there if I decided to go there. I pretty much know everything about Florida. It's just checking out other schools and comparing it to the other schools.

"I was born and raised in Colorado for 15 years. I really didn't have any interest in them, but I went back for spring break to visit my grandmother. My mother was with me and said I just picked up an offer from Colorado, so you need to go check them out. I didn't want to, but she dragged me up to Boulder. I got to meet coach Hawkins in person and his philosophy and demeanor blew me away. I really believe that Colorado is going to be a place that's going to be on the map in a few years. Colorado is home to me also. I'm definitely considering coach Hawkins and the Buffalos.

"My uncle Nick played tailback for coach Tressel at Youngstown State," explained Wilson of his interest in the Buckeyes. "He told me to give coach Tressel a look. The entire side of my mom's family is up there in Youngstown, so I definitely have a fan base up there and support if I were to go up there. I really like coach Tressel and everything that he knows about the game. They seemed real interested, so I'll give them a look also.

"My former teammate [Hunter Haynes] just signed with Wake Forest. I wanted to check out the football program so I went up there for a weekend to check it out. I got to know the coaches and their style of play. They sent six or seven guys to the NFL the previous year. They had a pretty poor record, but four of their games were heartbreakers so I really think they're a team that's going to explode here pretty soon.

"My dad's brother lives in Indiana," Wilson continued. "Notre Dame is Notre Dame. They play awesome football there. Coach Weis is an awesome guy. He knows a lot about the game. He'll tell you like it is and I think a lot of people need that. I can tell he knows what to do because he did an amazing job his first year. I can't imagine what he's going to do next year and after that."

Once Wilson visits Notre Dame and USC, he may have seen everything that he needs to see in order to make his college decision.

"I'm going to try to decide August 1, before the season," Wilson said. "If I can't, I can't. That's why I'm trying to get to all the schools this summer. If it's too tough to decide I'm going to have to wait."

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