Irish Stock Report: Wide Receiver

The Irish are off to a great start with seven commitments for the 2007 recruiting class, but with the May evaluation period in the rear-view mirror, it's time to evaluate where Notre Dame stands with their primary targets at wide receiver.

Notre Dame has a commitment from's No. 12 wide receiver, Duval Kamara. Kamara is an elite receiver and his commitment will allow the Irish staff to focus on other highly rated wide receivers knowing that they already have Kamara in the 2007 class.

How many wide receivers will Notre Dame take this year? They could take as few as two and as many as four depending on the prospects that want to come play for Charlie Weis.

Greg Little (6-foot-3, 205 pounds): Notre Dame is really recruiting Little as an athlete. He is listed as's No. 8 linebacker, but could play wide receiver, running back, tight end, safety, or linebacker. Not only is Little versatile, but he is a competitor. Despite having all the scholarship offers that he needed, Greg continued to go out and compete at combines throughout May. He's the type of player I want on my team. He liked Notre Dame early, and then Michigan thought they had the lead for his services. North Carolina has been rumored to be the team to beat. I met Greg in San Antonio, and at that time he said he wanted to play for Notre Dame. I'm sticking with that regardless of any rumors that surface between now and his October announcement. Stock: Buy

Arrelious Benn (6-foot-2, 190 pounds):'s No. 1 receiver and No. 5 overall prospect. Benn is another athlete that could play several positions, but he'll start out his career catching footballs no matter where he decides to spend his college years. Arrelious stopped counting his scholarship offers when the number hit 50. Like Little, there have been rumors that his interest in the Irish has slipped considerably and that schools like Florida State or USC are in the driver's seat. Until he announces his decision (tentatively the first week of September) the rumors will continue. Also like Greg Little, I think Benn will announce for the Irish. Stock: Buy

J.R. Hemingway (6-foot-2, 205 pounds):'s No. 11 receiver. This kid is good…real good. The Irish weren't recruiting Hemingway heavily until recently, but when they went in, they went in with everything. Michigan fans have thought Hemingway's announcement for the Wolverines was all but a formality. It's time for the good folks in Ann Arbor to start sweating, because Hemingway is planning to visit Notre Dame in a few weeks. A player doesn't make a trip from South Carolina to South Bend on his dime if there isn't considerable interest. The fact that Notre Dame is still recruiting him tells me that the Irish would take him if he wants to come. All that being said, I'll wait until after the visit to get excited about Hemingway. Stock: Hold

Deonte Thompson (5-foot-11.5, 186 -pounds):'s No. 7 receiver. Deonte had planned to visit Notre Dame for the spring game, but there was a conflict with his track schedule. He said that he planned on making a visit this summer, but that hasn't happened yet, and he doesn't have any immediate travel plans scheduled. In April there were rumors that he was committed to Florida. His cousin and teammate, Damien Berry, recently committed to play for the Miami Hurricanes. I think Deonte likes the idea of Notre Dame, but I really don't see this happening. It's time to get out. Stock: Sell

Ron Brooks (6-0, 170-pounds):'s No. 5 receiver doesn't have an Irish offer, but Notre Dame is intrigued by this playmaker. Brooks isn't a name Irish fans have heard a lot about, but hopefully he'll get an offer at some point because he is a special athlete. The Irish will need to make a decision on him soon, or they will likely be too far out of the race. He wants to stay at wide receiver, but he could play on the defensive side of the ball. My guess is that the Irish have too many guys in front of him at this time, but for now we should hang tight. Stock: Hold

Toney Clemons (6-3, 185-pounds):'s No. 9 receiver. I'm a little puzzled at why he doesn't have the offers that the other players on this list do, but I imagine they will come in time. He is a fantastic player and a fantastic kid. Clemons isn't a polished receiver, but he has a ton of raw talent. He was very interested in Notre Dame early, but that interest may be slipping as we move into summer and he doesn't have an offer from Notre Dame. Like Brooks, I think the Irish have too many players in front of him that will end up announcing for the Irish. This time I'll cut the losses. Stock: Sell

One of Notre Dame's seven commitments is tight end Mike Ragone. He's the guy they wanted so I doubt the Irish staff will pursue another in this class. Top Stories