One day at a time for Austin

Defensive tackle prospect Marvin Austin of Calvin Coolidge high school (Washington D.C.) was recently crowned's No. 1 overall prospect. That doesn't provide him any rest, as Austin realizes that the top players always need to work to maintain their status.

There isn't any question that Notre Dame needs defensive tackles. Marvin Austin (6-foot-2, 292 pounds) would be a perfect remedy for the Irish defense. Austin is about to narrow his focus to ten schools and the Irish should make his first cut.

"Right now I don't have my top ten schools, but I'll have them soon, and then we'll go from there," Austin said when asked where he was in the recruiting process. "I haven't made the official list yet, but Notre Dame's on there. Notre Dame's still looking good, nothing has changed."

Austin visited Notre Dame for the spring game, so he has an idea of what it has to offer. The next step for Marvin is to check out a few of the elite programs.

"I'm going down to Miami this month," Austin responded when asked about his travel plans. "I'll probably go to Tallahassee to see Florida State. I want to see all the schools that I haven't seen so I can line up my official visits.

"USC, I'm going to go out and see what's up with coach Carroll. My coach is trying to work it out so I can get out there for an unofficial visit. The coaches leave in July to go on vacation, so hopefully we can get that in." recently revealed their top prospects for the 2007 recruiting class, and Austin was excited to find out that he was named the top overall prospect.

"My coach told me that came out with their rankings and he said that I needed to check it out," recalled Austin. "When I saw it I was ecstatic. It was crazy. I called one of the players that graduated from my team. Earlier he was talking about somebody ranking me No. 5 and he said, ‘You're supposed to be No. 1. There ain't no one more valuable than you.' So I called him and told him that I had a graduation present for him.

"I'm just going to keep working and try to be No. 1 at the end of the season. You want to be the best, and you strive to be the best, but you really don't just think ‘I'm going to be the best.' You just work hard every night. When I get to the next level I'll work to be No. 1 and when I get to the next level, which is the NFL, I'll work to be No. 1. Hopefully my college career goes well and I'll get the chance to play in the NFL."

"One day at a time," Austin continued. "I want to win a championship with my team. We lost a championship this year, and I think about the plays that could have been made. If I was a little bit stronger or a little bit quicker then I could have made the play. I know you can't make every play, but I want to.

As a junior Austin registered more than 80 tackles including 12 for a loss, eight sacks, and five forced fumbles. Top Stories