Donley Still Eyeing ND

Athlete D.J. Donley is a big-time player on both sides of the ball for the two-time Georgia AA state champion Charlton County Indians (Folkston, Ga.) He is being recruited for both wide receiver and safety, but the position he plays is secondary to with how he fits into his surroundings.

Notre Dame certainly could use a player with the athletic ability of D.J. Donley (6-foot-4, 191 pounds). The Irish have recruited the Peach State well recently, and Donley would like to take a closer look at the Irish.

"I haven't been hearing much from the coaches," Donley said when asked if the Irish were still in contact with him. "They've been sending the general letters, but as far as talking and texting, I haven't gotten in contact with them. I'm still planning on going to a game, if I could, when the season starts. I know my coach wanted me to go up there and check out the campus."

"I just came back from Georgia Tech and South Carolina this weekend. I went up to Georgia Tech on Saturday and then went to South Carolina on Sunday. Those are the only two camps that I've been to so far. My coach is supposed to be taking us to Georgia and Florida later on in July."

"[During the visits] I basically look for what type of setting the school's in, the atmosphere and the environment," Donley continued. "I look at whether it's a small town or big town, because down here in Folkston it's a small town. I wouldn't mind going to a city or a college town. I'm just looking for a setting that I fit best.

"I'm just taking it as it comes right now. I just want to check everything out before I narrow it down and make a decision," Donley explained. "Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Notre Dame, Florida and Georgia stand out right now, but I'm keeping my options open."

All of the schools Donley listed have offered him a scholarship except the Irish. Like most of the schools, Notre Dame is recruiting him to play safety. D.J. would like a shot to play wide receiver, but the position he's being recruited to play won't impact his decision tremendously.

"Georgia Tech and South Carolina are recruiting me as a wide receiver," Donley said. "That's the position that I'd rather play right now until I can gain some weight. If I can gain some weight I wouldn't mind playing safety."

As a junior Donley had 54 catches for 835 yards. On defense he registered 52 tackles, one interception and a fumble recovery. Top Stories