Irish Enter Race for Florida Lineman

Notre Dame has a very good start on the 2007 recruiting class, and they continue to prospects to their recruiting board. Another name the Irish staff appears to like is Emeka Nwankwo. Nwankwo is a 6-foot-5, 270-pound offensive guard prospect from Chaminade Madonna College Prep (Hollywood, Fla.)

James Wilson had been the only offensive guard prospect to hold a scholarship offer from Notre Dame. That was true until Emeka Nwankwo spoke with Notre Dame's head coach earlier this week.

"I got an offer from Notre Dame," Nwankwo responded when asked if Notre Dame was recruiting him. "I think it was Monday that I called coach Weis. I talked to him and he said that I had an offer from Notre Dame. When I got home there was a scholarship waiting for me in my mailbox.

"It was really big because I didn't think they were interested in me. It's always been a top school and at the beginning they were in my top-five. I just didn't think they'd offer me."

"They're recruiting me for offensive line, at guard," Nwankwo added.

Notre Dame had some recruiting success in Florida last year and Nwankwo has taken notice.

"I like how they're recruiting," Nwankwo commented when asked his thoughts on the Irish program. "They actually just took two kids from South Florida – two highly recruited kids. Plus the presence of Charlie Weis is a big deal, because he has all the Super Bowl rings. He's got connections in the NFL and he's an offensive genius. Look what he's done so far with Brady Quinn and Darius Walker.

Nwankwo has scholarship offers from several top programs, and with the recent offer the Irish are among his list of top schools.

"My top-five consists of Notre Dame, Virginia, Florida State, Florida, and Georgia. All of them have offered," Nwankwo said. "My parent's would like me to go to school close to home, but my dad understands the program at Notre Dame. He really likes the school. When it comes down to making a decision, we'll talk about. He really likes Notre Dame though."

One team that hasn't offered Nwankwo is Miami. The local school would likely be favored to gain his signature if they decided extend Emeka an offer.

"They're the only team in the ACC that hasn't offered me," Emeka said of the Hurricanes. "They're still high on my list, but I don't know what they're looking for in me. They're probably No.6, but since they haven't offered me, I can't put them in my top-five. If I don't have an offer standing there, I can't make a decision on them. Top Stories