Claytor is making the rounds

Offensive tackle Nick Claytor of Gainesville high school (Ga.) recently narrowed down his list of schools to six, and even though the Irish came in late, they made the cut. The big lineman already made a trip north to Columbus, Ohio and he'd like to get over to see Notre Dame.

Despite the fact that the Irish hadn't offered Nick Claytor (6-7, 310-pounds), Notre Dame did make his final list of schools along with Ohio State, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Florida State, and LSU. Nick is hoping to hear from the Irish, but since an initial inquiry, Notre Dame hasn't been in touch.

"The last time I talked to a coach was at the Nike camp in Athens," Claytor replied when asked if Notre Dame had been in touch with him. "They talked to my coach when they came to school, but since then I haven't heard that much from Notre Dame. I've been going to different camps and I've just been kind of waiting to hear from them so I haven't taken that visit yet.

"I'm just waiting for them to get in touch with coach Miller and go from there," he added.

If Notre Dame doesn't pursue Claytor he won't think twice. Nick recently made a visit to the Ohio State football camp and he enjoyed being back in the Buckeye state.

"Pretty well. Actually it went really well," Claytor said of his camp experience. "I'm from Toledo, Ohio. I was six when I moved, but I go back every summer and winter.

"I'll probably go visit Florida State. I want to see how the operation is over there. Then I think I'll come back and visit Georgia Tech a couple more times and hang out over there and make a decision sometime during football season.

"I haven't scheduled any official visits,' Claytor continued. "I've gone over a few in my head, but I haven't scheduled any." Top Stories