Romine planning road trip

Offensive line prospect Matt Romine of Union high school (Tulsa, Okla.) is one of Notre Dame's primary recruiting targets along the offensive line. He's also become a very popular prospect as several big offers came through during the May evaluation period.

Matt Romine (6-foot-5, 275 pounds) has already visited Notre Dame twice with his father. He is planning to stop in on the Notre Dame coaches again, but this time he's bringing another guest.

"I'm looking at coming back up there some time in July with my mom and dad," Matt explained of his travel plans. "It's not official yet, but I'm planning it out now. I'll go to Notre Dame first and then go up to Michigan. I kind of wanted to have my mom see [Notre Dame]. I also just wanted to go back up there."

Notre Dame, Louisiana State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Tulsa, Arkansas, Houston, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and Alabama had offered Matt prior to the May evaluation period. Since that time he has added five major scholarship offers from Michigan, Colorado, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Tennessee.

"Michigan offered me about a month ago so I thought I'd go check them out," Romine said. "Coach Wright has known [the coaches] and has dealt with them. When he came down here he kind of told them about me. He sent them my tape and they came down and offered me.

"I've talked to coach Moeller on the phone a little bit and coach Carr. I just like them. Coach Moeller strikes me as a younger guy with a lot of energy."

"I'm expecting to see the facilities and the ‘Big House'," Romine continued. "Maybe I'll get to see their academic center and their classrooms and stuff like that."

Romine isn't certain whether he'll take any additional trips, but he is on schedule to name the schools that will visit officially.

"I've said that I'll get a top-five by the start of football season, and I'm on my way to doing that," Romine explained. "It's looking very good for OU and Notre Dame to be in my top-five right now. Right now I'm basically looking for the other three.

"I was planning on going to USC's rising senior camp, but those plans fell through. I'm not going to their camp, but I'm still interested in them and I'll just wait and see what happens." Top Stories