Jones sifting through his options has Gerald Jones of Millwood high school (Oklahoma City, Okla.) ranked as its No.19 running back in the country. Jones already has more offers than he needs, and the next several months will be dedicated to narrowing his options down to a final list of five.

Gerald Jones (6-1, 190 pounds) had been tossing around the idea of making a trip up to South Bend to get a look at the Notre Dame campus, but for now he has put those plans on hold.

"I'm not going to take a visit up there this summer," Jones replied when asked about his plans to travel to South Bend. "Instead I'm going to take an official visit during the season. If I took a visit now, I wouldn't need to take one later on. I have a couple games on Thursday, so I'll be able to leave Friday and be there the whole weekend."

Gerald's Thursday games won't be until later in the season, so Irish will have to sit and wait for that trip to materialize. He hasn't decided on the other schools that he will visit, but there are a few that have gained an edge on the remaining schools under consideration.

"I have a lot of others that I'm looking at, but right now I'm just trying to knock them off by seeing what I like and what I dislike," Jones explained. "I have a couple schools that I'm thinking I want to take an official visit to; Texas Tech, Michigan and Florida.

"Hopefully I can have it down to seven or eight by the start of the season. Then I should be able to get it down to five and take my officials. I'm still debating and right now I'm just trying to do all my research."

When doing his research Jones is looking for specific elements in each school.

"The graduation percentage of football players," Jones responded when asked what he was looking for in a college. "Academics is very big. Honestly I'm going to be strong on sports because that's No.1 with me because that's what I really want to be. At the same time I want to have the backup, the support academically."

"The tradition of the football team and I'm really big on team unity," he continued. "Since I'm going to be away from home I want to see if the team's a family, I will have to find that out on the visits."

As a junior quarterback Jones had 203 carries for 1,900 yards and 24 touchdowns. He passed for 950 yards and 11 touchdowns. Top Stories