Film Evaluation of David Marrero

<P>Notre Dame got quite a find in St. Thomas Aquinas runningback David Marrero. Marrero is quite and impressive back. </P>

I arrived home yesterday to find my highlight film of David Marrero. Marrero committed to Notre Dame on July 4th and is the first commitment in the 2003 class. I was very excited to view his film. I thought I would clue you all in on what type of back David is.

Think Warrick Dunn and Peter Warrick. He is very much this the type of player. He has explosion and plenty of it. He hits the hole very fast and there isn't any dancing around. He glides through the linebackers and the secondary as if they are standing still.

Marrero isn't just a speed back either. He will lower the boom on you and isn't afraid to run inside at all. He has a nice spin move and very good lateral movement. He can cut on a dime and explode out of his cuts.

Where he is really deadly is in the open field. He doesn't slow down at all while making his cuts and there is no wasted movement in his body. There were only 10 or so clips of him catching the ball but he appears very adept at that as well. He turns up field quickly and explodes out of his breaks.

Overall, ND got a player they have been lacking for a while. In my opinion, his film was the most impressive out of all the backs Notre Dame has recruited in recent memory. I was very impressed with Marrero. Notre Dame fans will be thrilled when they see the film. Top Stories