Nuss makes Eight

Notre Dame had been sitting on seven commitments since June 2. With offensive line prospect Andrew Nuss of Stone Bridge high school (Ashburn, Va.) giving his word to the Notre Dame coaching staff the Irish now have eight oral commitments for the 2007 recruiting class.

Andrew Nuss (6-5, 285 pounds) hadn't planned on making a college decision on his way to South Bend, but once he arrived he knew Notre Dame was where he wanted to be.

"I did commit," Nuss confirmed when asked about his visit to Notre Dame. "It went really well. I met with coach Weis. He told me the three things they look for; a great guy, a great football player and great grades. He said I fit in that category. He said he's a straightforward type of guy and that's what I look for in a coach. I got a great vibe and I knew I liked Notre Dame a lot, so that was it. I knew I wanted to commit after that.

"I did all the tours. I met with admissions, Dan Saracino. I met with coach Mendoza, coach Latina, coach Oliver, a professor and then I hung with the players the rest of the day.

"I basically spoke with the freshman class that just came in,"Andrew said. "I talked to Sam Young, Eric Olsen, Matt Carufel, James Aldridge, and a couple other guys."

Meeting the players was important to Andrew and it was one of the reasons he wanted to revisit Notre Dame. Another primary reason to get back to South Bend was to get to know the Irish staff a little better.

"When I was at the June 3 camp I really didn't get a chance to talk to the coaches expect during the drills," explained Nuss. "I felt comfortable and I got a good vibe from them. Everything went well.

"I think [coach Latina] knows his stuff. He's one of the best I've seen and all the coaches say that. Coach Weis says that. I can't wait to get there and play for him. He said he likes what I do and he likes that I can play either tackle or guard. I just got a great vibe talking to him. He's a nice guy.

Coach Latina does a great job with the offensive lineman, but he might need to negotiate with coach Oliver in order to keep him on the offensive line.

"Coach Weis said I might be able to play defense," Andrew said. "He said he liked my film on defense. Then I talked with coach Oliver and he told me what I had to do in order to play defense; get bigger, bench, squat and get quicker. I'm going to have to work my hardest and I'm going to do that.

"I would love to play defense, but I know that reality of me playing defense is very slim. I'll still do everything I can to get on the field on defense." Top Stories