No Rest for Benn's No.1 ranked wide receiver prospect Arrelious Benn of Dunbar high school (Washington, D.C.) has been probably been on the road more than he's been at the last several months. With the start of his football season around the corner Benn has been attempting to visit all of the schools that are still under consideration.

Arrelious Benn (6-foot-2, 190-pounds) will soon adopt the motto, "The best never rest." He's been on the road quite a bit the last couple months and before he returned home from his trip to California he squeezed in an invitation only passing tournament.

"I'm down in Atlanta right now. I'm in a passing tournament," Benn responded when asked if he had time to relax at home. "It's an all-star tournament so it isn't just guys from Dunbar. There are teams from all over; New York, Pennsylvania, but most of them are from the South."

Benn recently narrowed his list of potential schools to Florida State, Notre Dame, USC, Maryland and Illinois. He's been to Maryland numerous times since it is right around the corner from his home, and he's already visited South Bend twice, so on his most recent trip he visited USC and Illinois.

"It was a good time, there was a lot to do out there," he said of his trip to Southern California. "It would be a good place to live, and I might want to live there some day."

"I was in California for four days, but I was only [at USC] for one day. I stayed over at [Jimmy Clausen's] house one night. I didn't get a chance to throw the ball with him, he was in a tournament kind of like we're doing out here. I just wanted to see him throw in person. He has very good ball placement.

"They did well," Benn said of Clausen and his teammates. "I think they won the whole tournament. He threw to Marc Tyler a lot."

As a junior Benn had 49 catches for over 1,100 yards and 16 touchdowns. Top Stories