Romine Working on Schedule

Offensive line prospect Matt Romine of Union high school (Tulsa, Okla.) hasn't begun to narrow his list of potential schools yet, but he's trying to gather as much information as he can on all the schools so he can move forward with a decision. He recently planned am unofficial visit to both Notre Dame and Michigan.

Matt Romine (6-foot-5, 275 pounds) had a plan to make his second visit to South Bend, but he decided to alter his plans so that he could be on campus when coach Weis was also back in South Bend.

"I originally planned on being there July 6, but I talked to coach Latina and coach Haywood and we rescheduled it," Romine responded when asked if he made his scheduled visit to Notre Dame. "Then I talked to them and coach Weis wouldn't be able to be there on July 20 and he wants to be there, so they asked if I could move it back a week, so now I have it set for July 26. I'll go to Michigan a day later.

"I'm pretty sure I'm going to be headed to Alabama and Tennessee the week before that trip. The week after the Notre Dame trip football is starting, so that's kind of why I want to get these trips out of the way.

"I want my mom to go up and see Notre Dame," Romine said. "I want to see Michigan. I like how they've gone about recruiting me. It's just going to be me and my dad going to Tennessee and Alabama, my mom's not going.

Romine is up to 19 scholarship offers, and while the Irish, Wolverines, Crimson Tide and the Volunteers are receiving visits at this time, Matt is still considering every school that is recruiting him.

"They're all definitely getting an unofficial visit so that's a very good sign that they're high on my list," Romine explained. "I haven't eliminated anyone right now, and I won't do that until I release my top-five.

"I've been considering Arkansas and some of the local schools. I like Oklahoma State a lot. I like their facilities and I like what they're doing."

"The Colorado offer came out of the blue when they offered me, and they've been recruiting me really hard," Romine said. "I don't know if they just found out about me, or someone just fell of their list and committed to another school. One of my friends and teammates went up there and said it's just beautiful up their in the mountains, so I'm sure it's a nice place. Top Stories