Clemons Options are open's No.10 rated wide receiver, Toney Clemons, of Valley high school (New Kensington, Pa.), didn't have the recruiting momentum as early as a number of the top prospects, but now it is starting to get rolling for the dynamic playmaker.

Toney Clemons (6-3, 185-pounds) isn't in any rush to make his college decision. He knows the scholarship offers will be there when he's ready. Right now he's staying busy and staying focused.

"I'm just working out, working hard and staying focused," Clemons replied when asked about his summer. "I'm working a summer job at PNC Park with the Pirates. I love it. I love being around sports and the sports scene. Yesterday was the All-Star game so there were a lot of famous people. It was overwhelming.

"I met Larry Fitzgerald yesterday for the first time. He was with Tyler Palko, so Tyler informed him about me. We talked. He knew a good bit."

In the future some elite high school prospect may be saying similar things about Toney Clemons, but for now he's looking for the best college fit to continue his career.

"I'm still focused on everyone. There are a lot of different teams that are in play," Clemons said of his approach to recruiting. "I'm going to wait mine out. I don't plan on committing early. That's why I'm keeping an open mind. There are a lot of teams that are still trying to get at me, so I need to let things play out.

"Some of the schools that I'm looking at are Tennessee, Colorado, Michigan, Pitt, Ohio State, Temple, Ole Miss, UConn, Michigan State, West Virginia, Purdue, Rutgers, and Cincinnati. I have about 15 offers from most of those schools.

"I didn't travel in the spring like everyone else," he said. "I'm a three-sport athlete so I didn't have time to travel. Schools know that I'm not looking to commit early, and I think they know they have more time to offer.

"I plan on traveling during the season. When the time is right and I feel right, I'm going to go a head and make my decision. It'll be awhile. I know I have a lot of big schools coming after me so I'm just going to continue to work hard."

Clemons was interested in Notre Dame early and he still is, but the Irish haven't been in touch recently.

"Actually I haven't I haven't been hearing from them," Clemons said. "I was told that they would get back to me later in the summer. I haven't heard from them yet so I'm not sure what's going on with that."

As a junior (7-3), Clemons finished with 43 catches for 666 yards and 13 touchdowns. He also recorded an interception on defense and had four punt return touchdowns. Top Stories