Freshman Updates

<P>It's getting closer to fall camp so I thought I would check in on some of the freshman reporting on August 5th. I spoke with OL <B>Bob Morton</B>, DL <B>Chris Frome</B>, DL <B>Travis Leitko</B> and TE <B>Anthony Fasano</B>. All have been working out and waiting until August 5th. </P>

Bob Morton couldn't wait until the 5th. "My family and I are leaving tonight. I wanted to get up there and just get used to everything. I wanted to lift with Mick for a while and just get used to the campus." Morton said he would be staying there until the 5th.

I asked Bob how his summer has been going. "I have been lifting a lot. I was benching 320 before the summer and I am up to 365. I was squatting 600 before summer and I am now up to 700. I have working hard. I am about an even 300 pounds right now."

Bob said he really hasn't done anything exciting this summer. He said he has just been working and lifting mainly. He sounded very excited to get started.

Travis Leitko has been working out quite a bit as well. "All I do is work and work out pretty much. I needed to save some money for college. I have been following the workout they gave me. I am up to 260 right now. I haven't really done anything else but work out and going to work. I am very excited to get up there." Travis appears ready and we talked for quite a while about recruiting this year. He has been following it closely and is excited about the players that have already committed to Notre Dame.

Chris Frome has had a pretty exciting summer so far. "I just played in the North/South Shrine game. It was a lot of fun. I had 2 sacks and a forced fumble and a batted ball. I think I played real well." Chris said he plans to hop on a plane August 2nd to head to South Bend. "I am going by myself. My parents are coming up for orientation though."

Frome said he has had some fun this summer as well. "I went to Cabo San Lucas earlier in the summer for a senior trip which was a lot of fun. I am going to Lake Tahoe tomorrow. " Frome said he is very excited to go to Notre Dame. He wants to go hang out with his new teammates and get to know the campus."

Anthony Fasano had kind of a rough off season. "I had a back injury over the winter and spring. I fractured two of my vertebrae. I was in a body cast for two months. They said it was degenerative and there was nothing I did to cause it. It just got worse. They say that it's under control now though. The doctors at Notre Dame know about it. They say it's very common and that a lot of guys have it. You just have to work through it."

I asked Anthony if they planned to red-shirt him this year. "They said they would take a wait and see approach but I am not planning on it at all. I have been working out. I couldn't work out as hard as I wanted but I am in great shape. I have mainly been doing some running and agility work outs. I know I feel a lot better."

Anthony has said he has been keeping in contact with Chris Olsen while he has been up at Notre Dame. "He is really enjoying himself. They are all staying at Scott Raridon's townhouse. They are all having a great time there. I can't wait until I can get up there. I am ready to leave here and get up there." Anthony said that the doctors felt he would make a full recovery and be able to play football. He said he is almost there right now. Top Stories