Malcolm Smith looking at Irish's No.10-rated linebacker, Malcolm Smith of Taft high school (Woodland Hills, Calif.), will be very difficult to get from Southern Cal because of the bloodlines that lead to the Trojan program. That doesn't mean the Irish aren't interested in the standout athlete.

Notre Dame has had their eye on Malcolm Smith (6-foot-2, 210 pounds) for several months. Since April they had been sending Malcolm the standard recruiting mail and now he has a scholarship offer to add to the pile of letters.

"I got a text message from coach Weis that said to call him," Smith described of the events leading up to his scholarship offer. "I called him and he told me that he was interested in recruiting me, and if I gave them a fair opportunity he'd like to offer me a scholarship.

"He was real cool, down to earth. He seemed like he was passionate about his team and what he was doing there."

Like many standout high school players, Smith could play on either side of the ball. He likes the ball in his hands, but he believes his future is on defense.

"They asked me what I'd like to play, but I don't know right now…probably defense," Smith said. "I'd probably play more of a rover, a hybrid safety/linebacker. I've never played a true linebacker spot."

Smith had previously named his top-five as Penn State, Michigan, USC, UCLA, and Cal. With the Irish jumping into the recruiting race, Smith is going to look at scheduling a trip to South Bend.

"I'm going to try and schedule a visit and see everything," Smith said of his interest in the Irish. "I'll look for how I fit in, how the team plays, how they work together, the camaraderie, how the players get along with the coaches.

"I was going to try to get them set up this week, but my dad is handling that so I really don't know where that's at. I probably won't schedule all five now, because they might change."

As a junior, Smith rushed for 639 yards on 73 carries and caught 26 passes for 399 yards. He also added 41 tackles at the linebacker position. Top Stories