Romine talks ND and Michigan four-star offensive lineman Matt Romine of Union high school (Tulsa, Okla.) hasn't begun to narrow his list of potential schools yet, but he's trying to gather as much information as he can on all the schools so he can move forward with a decision. He just stopped by Notre Dame and Michigan and is now on his way to Alabama and Tennessee.

It isn't very often that Notre Dame gets a recruit on campus for three unofficial visits, but Matt Romine (6-foot-5, 275 pounds) just hit South Bend for the third time in less than a year. Matt and his dad had made trips to the Tennessee game last season and they also made an appearance for the Notre Dame spring game. On this trip they brought Matt's mother.

"I just got a different view of Notre Dame," Romine replied when asked if he had learned anything new from his visit. "I got to see a little more [of Notre Dame] and every time I go back there things get better and better. We showed my mom everything. She liked it a lot.

"Coach Weis took us around campus and showed us everything from his point of view. It was pretty neat.

"I got to meet some more players" he said "I met some of the incoming freshmen. I got along with them pretty well. I didn't spend a lot of time with them. They kind of wanted me to go back to the dorm with them, but I stayed with my parents and toured the stadium.

"They have everything going in the right direction, all the way from the football team to the strength and conditioning…the academic support.

After seeing Notre Dame, Romine and his parents headed north to Ann Arbor. It was their first to Michigan, but it may not be their last, as the Michigan staff made a very strong impression.

"It went well," Romine said of his visit to Michigan. "Michigan is one of my top schools and I just went up there to get a feel for it at this time of the year and see what it was all about. I met a couple of players, but most of them were leaving. They were getting a week off before they got going, so most of them were gone.

"Notre Dame is tight and compact and Michigan is a huge school that's kind spread out. Their academic center is the nicest that I've seen. It opened in January and it's awesome.

"I wanted to talk to coach Carr and coach Moeller," explained Romine. "[Coach Moeller] seems like the coach from Oklahoma, he's a younger guy with a lot of energy and he seems like he knows what he's doing."

Matt made a quick stop back home to get refreshed and then headed to SEC country to visit two more top programs.

"I'm heading out and going to Alabama and Tennessee, Monday and Tuesday," Matt said of his travel plans. "I'd been to Notre Dame before. I've never been to Alabama or Tennessee, so it's kind of the same going into the Michigan visit. I'm going to see what all they have to offer. I'm going to take a look at their facilities, talk to the coaches and get an overall feel for the campus. Then I'm done visiting for the summer." Top Stories